A Star Is Born

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Okay, it may not be on the cover of the Rolling Stone, but this door is still a ROCK STAR!!!  It recently made the cover of DHI magazine!!

This stunning beauty is a bronze clad door and frame located on a historically significant University Library.

This door & frame assembly is a perfect example of AMBICO’s ability to meet the rigorous demands of a prestigious and discerning architect, who was dedicated to the preservation of the community’s prized heritage site.  The door shines like gold in its architecturally magnificent setting, maintaining its old world charm while integrating the functionality and performance that meet today’s most rigorous requirements.

This door has star appeal! Decorative door face material is fastened to a rugged steel core with care and traditional attention to detail.  Gleaming appearance of polished bronze clad products projects an exclusive image at a surprisingly moderate cost.  And, antique finish of satin bronze clad products suits the design requirements of historical renovation projects.

And, finally, this door has star power! Bronze frame cladding is fastened to a heavy gauge steel sub-frame with a touch of craftsmanship.  The door face can be manufactured in a stile and rail configuration or in a one piece seamless construction.

Now that’s star quality. That’s AMBICO.

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