Acoustic Assemblies

Acoustic Doors, Frames and Window Assemblies

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Recessed Panel Steel Doors & Frames

Acoustic Steel Doors & Frames

STC 33 to STC 64

Independently tested to ensure performance and integrity. Additionally available with RF shielding or bullet resistance ratings. Fire rated up to 180 minutes.

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Acoustic Wood Raised Panel Door & Steel Frame

Acoustic Wood Doors & Frames

STC 33 to STC 56

Face veneers are available in virtually every species, cut, and grade. Doors are also available with custom stain match or clear coat finishes. Fire rated up to 90 minutes.

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Acoustic Steel Sliding Door & Frame

Acoustic Steel Sliding Doors

STC 33 to STC 56

Acoustic Steel Sliding Doors are available with electric operator, sliding door hardware, valance and safety devices to meet the most demanding applications.

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Acoustic Steel Windows

STC 30 to STC 56

Our entire range of acoustic windows are engineered, tested, and certified to meet a variety of demanding applications. Window units are supplied with acoustic glazing materials for field installation based on our instruction.

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