AMBICO acoustic windows combine outstanding sound transmission loss with the appearance of standard metal window products. Our entire range of acoustic windows is engineered to meet the unique requirements of building projects in a variety of demanding environments.

  • Testing of acoustic window units by independent laboratories complies with the most up-to-date standards on the continent.
  • Windows are available at STC levels ranging from STC 30 to STC 56.
  • Windows can be manufactured as part of a custom glazed system suitable for integration into the interior fit up or building envelope.
  • Items have been designed to accept readily available glazing provided as an integral portion of a fully complete window unit.
  • Outstanding service and lead times.

What is an STC rating?
STC stands for “sound transmission class”. It represents a method of measuring sound transmission loss through a barrier i.e. a door or a wall. The higher the STC rating the better the sound deadening property of the window assembly. AMBICO provides window assemblies from STC 33 to STC 56. Let us help you select an acoustic product that will meet your project requirements.

Can acoustic assemblies be provided with glass lites pre-installed?
AMBICO has tested glazed acoustic windows that have achieved STC 56. Glazing material must be factory pre-installed.

Are acoustic doors and frames available?
AMBICO manufactures acoustic door and frame assemblies that achieve STC 59. Glass lites of various sizes for doors can be provided. Acoustic glass is factory supplied and pre-installed.

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AMBICO has supplied specialized window products to prestigious construction projects world-wide. A partial list of completed installations is shown below:

Child Development Centre
Lackland Air Force Base, TX
Toronto Pearson Airport – Terminals 2, 3
Toronto, ON

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