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Everyone loves a success story. The story of AMBICO LIMITED is a great one: it tells the tale of the evolution of a company formed by two brothers-in-law in the mid-1950s, focusing on the distribution of construction products in Eastern Ontario, to a specialized door company guided today by two friends who have known each other for over 30 years. When Israel Shinder and Emmanuel Lightstone founded their company, they could not have predicted the success of the company today, nor could they have envisioned the twists and turns which would ultimately lead to its enviable status quo. Who could have foreseen that they would become a leading manufacturer of a very unique product line — one which has earned worldwide recognition from architects and engineers who design and build highly visible projects such as hospitals, universities, banks, prison facilities, schools, hotels, museums, and art galleries.

AMBICO’s success is no accident. By predicting economic trends and their effects on a variety of industries, the firm’s founders, Israel and “Manny”, demonstrated foresight and flexibility. The fabrication of “stock” doors led to a well-calculated move to the manufacture of highly specialized door products: bullet resistant; blast resistant; acoustic; lead lined; stainless steel; and brass clad doors and frames. In the past decade AMBICO has evolved to become an international trend-setter in the specialized door industry.

President Jack Shinder states, “Our doors are so far ahead of the market that many of our potential clients don’t believe the technology even exists.” Shinder further states that being a Canadian company carries certain benefits, above and beyond the low exchange rate for the Canadian dollar: “There is a quality associated with Canadian-based firms combined with the knowledge that you offer a high level of technical expertise.”

Customer service is the main concern of AMBICO LIMITED. This may result in higher costs for AMBICO products. “While we must be competitive in the market place, and we are, it doesn’t bother me if someone tells me they can buy something cheaper,” says the AMBICO President. “What really would concern me is if a product isn’t performing the way it should or we didn’t get our product out on time. That is forbidden as far as I’m concerned. People rightfully expect an outstanding level of service when purchasing a highly specialized, performance rated product.”

This family business has remained intact throughout its numerous transformations over a span of fifty years. Current President, Jack Shinder, is the son of Israel Shinder, and Vice-President Judah Silverman, is the son-in-law of Emmanuel Lightstone. Now related to each other, Jack and Judah met nearly 35 years ago at summer camp. The two friends followed each other to the University of Toronto. While there, Judah met Jack’s first cousin, Margo Lightstone who would, in time, become his wife. The company’s second generation was in place!

AMBICO maintains an exceptional inventory of human resources, from the ownership level through administration and manufacturing. Tenure is outstanding: at least one member of staff has been with the company for more than fifty years, and service records of 10, 20, and 30 years are commonplace among the dedicated employees.

Located in Canada’s capital city of Ottawa, Ontario, AMBICO LIMITED operates from an office and manufacturing facility covering one city block. The formula for AMBICO’s success includes quality driven, laboratory tested, specially manufactured products. Growing annual sales of 15-20% in each of the past five years clearly indicate that AMBICO products are highly regarded and sought after in the construction industry worldwide.

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