Ambico and Metrotech Steel Industries

AMBICO offers distribution and licensing opportunities to qualified companies to market, sell and service our full line of specialized doors, frames, and windows. AMBICO’s ongoing research and development and renowned quality assurance program combined with the professional support of our sales and technical personnel provides distributors, licensees, architects and building owners with products of the highest quality.

Metrotech Steel Industries is a corporation formed in the Philippines in 1997 and provides high quality products for a complete range of door opening solutions. With its team of highly qualified professionals with decades of experience in the door industry, Metrotech provides knowledge of local building practices and a passion for precision and a deep commitment to customer service. Combined with AMBICO’s world-wide experience, Metrotech and AMBICO now form a cutting-edge alliance in the field of fire door and door frame manufacturing.

AMBICO will continue to develop industry-leading products based on the highest standards of Canadian engineering and production. AMBICO and Metrotech collaborate to provide access to door and frame assemblies that AMBICO has developed over six decades. Many of these products are now manufactured by Metrotech in the Philippines and are supported by AMBICO on a day-to-day basis. Specialized door and frame products i.e.. STC Door and Frame Assemblies, Bullet Resistant Door and Frame Assemblies, continue to be manufactured in Canada and are available to Metrotech on a preferred basis.

AMBICO welcomes inquiries from manufacturing interests outside North America, who are interested in becoming a licensee of AMBICO.

Company Contact:
Ace Olano

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