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Acoustic Doors & Green Design

acoustic doors and green design course



Earn learning units through AMBICO’s all new continuing education course – Acoustic Doors & Green Design (AIA Approved and GBCI Certified).

Online Learning Course

The AMBICO course, “Acoustic Doors and Green Design”, is accessed through the AEC Web Site.

Length of Course: 1 hour // No. of L.U.: 1 // Test Required: Yes

AIA Certified Course on Resilient Design

resilient design course


The Role of Commercial Steel Doors in Resilient Design

AMBICO now offers a new AIA certified course currently available for architects online through AEC Daily.The Role of Commercial Steel Doors in Resilient Design is our first course to qualify for 1.5 CEU credits. In addition, it qualifies for LU, HSW, GBCI, and more. You can view the course details here.

Why Resilient Design?

Resiliency is a growing necessity. It’s important to understand the impacts natural and man-made disasters have on the built environment and to design for those impacts now. This course will provide an overview of the benefits of using steel doors in resilient design strategy. This includes applications requiring resistance to blasts, tornadoes, and ballistics.

Length of Course: 1 hour 30 minutes // No. of L.U.: 1.5 // Test Required: Yes

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