AMBICO blast resistant steel doors and frames combine blast and air pressure resistance with the functionality of standard hollow metal products. Our entire range of blast resistant products are readily available complete with builders hardware that provides an easy-to-operate door system.

Full engineering capability to design and manufacture blast products to meet the safety requirements of the end user. Testing of units by independent laboratories complies with the most up to date test standards on the continent. Fire labelled products have been tested in accordance with NFPA-80 and are certified by Underwriters Laboratories and Warnock Hersey International. Blast resistant doors are available with glazing that is factory pre-installed.

Blast Resistant Doors & Frames for US Military Projects

The DoD Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings is designed to protect DoD personnel from terrorist attacks. Whether retrofitting an existing building or building a new one there are minimum blast pressure requirements that all door assemblies must meet. The specific requirements depend on building location, type, and occupancy. The October 1, 2013 version of UFC 4-010-01 makes it clear that unless a door failure in response to the applied blast load does not pose a risk to occupants (i.e. the door is intercepted by a suitably strong wall before entering an occupied area) all doors must be evaluated for blast resistance at the applicable charge weights & standoff distances.

Blast Resistant Doors & Frames for Industrial Projects

The petrochemical industry invests heavily in designing process plants to minimize the likelihood of accidental explosions. Although the probability of an accidental explosion is very low all buildings located within the range of accidental explosions are designed to be blast resistant. Other common industrial applications are flammable and/or pressurized materials storage and handling, paint booths, and ETO sterilization for medical and pharmaceutical products.

For further details on our industry leading product and service, please communicate with us at your earliest opportunity.

Abbott Laboratories
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Expro Chemical Products Inc.
Saint-Timothée, QC

Shell Canada,
Edmonton, AB

Dupont Corporation
Towanda, PA

Goodyear Tire Company
Akron, OH

Suncorp Oil Refinery
Fort McMurray, AB

Darht Active Harmonics
Los Alamos, NM

Gray Building
Davidson, NC

Hoffman-Laroche Pharmaceutical
Belvedere, NJ

Waltham, MA

Blast Resistant

100psf Single Door & Frame Specs (.pdf / .doc); CADs (.dwg), (.pdf); BIMs (Double Flush (.rfa / .dwg) , (Double Heavy .rfa / .dwg) , (Single Flush .rfa / .dwg)More Info
100psf Paired Door & Frame Specs (.pdf / .doc); CADs (.dwg), (.pdf); BIMs (Double Flush (.rfa / .dwg) , (Double Heavy .rfa / .dwg) , (Single Flush .rfa / .dwg)More Info
1psi Single Door & Frame Specs (.pdf / .doc); CADs (.dwg), (.pdf); BIMs (Double Flush (.rfa / .dwg) , (Double Heavy .rfa / .dwg) , (Single Flush .rfa / .dwg)More Info
1psi Paired Door & Frame Specs (.pdf / .doc); CADs (.dwg), (.pdf); BIMs (Double Flush (.rfa / .dwg) , (Double Heavy .rfa / .dwg) , (Single Flush .rfa / .dwg)More Info
2psi Single Door & Frame Specs (.pdf / .doc); CADs (.dwg), (.pdf); BIMs (Double Flush (.rfa / .dwg) , (Double Heavy .rfa / .dwg) , (Single Flush .rfa / .dwg)More Info
2psi Paired Door & Frame Specs (.pdf / .doc); CADs (.dwg), (.pdf); BIMs (Double Flush (.rfa / .dwg) , (Double Heavy .rfa / .dwg) , (Single Flush .rfa / .dwg)More Info
3psi Single Door & Frame Specs (.pdf / .doc); CADs (.dwg), (.pdf); BIMs (Double Flush (.rfa / .dwg) , (Double Heavy .rfa / .dwg) , (Single Flush .rfa / .dwg)More Info
6psi Single Door & Frame Specs (.pdf / .doc); CADs (.dwg), (.pdf); BIMs (Double Flush (.rfa / .dwg) , (Double Heavy .rfa / .dwg) , (Single Flush .rfa / .dwg)More Info
10psi Single Door & Frame Specs (.pdf / .doc); CADs (.dwg), (.pdf); BIMs (Double Flush (.rfa / .dwg) , (Double Heavy .rfa / .dwg) , (Single Flush .rfa / .dwg)More Info
What is a blast resistant door and frame assembly?
This is a door, frame and hardware system able to withstand explosive pressures ranging from ten pounds per square foot (psf) to ninety pounds per square inch (psi). The door must be tested in the in-swinging position as well as in the out-swinging position. Naturally the test criteria in the out-swinging position are more severe. AMBICO blast resistant steel doors have been laboratory tested for fire resistance by Warnock Hersey International and are independently certified by professional engineers. The door/frame unit must be supplied and tested with factory supplied door hardware able to withstand the specified explosive pressure anticipated.

Why must the factory supply the door hardware complete with blast resistant doors?
Door hardware has been specifically designed and tested to form an integral part of AMBICO blast resistant units. When the door is under pressure in the out-swinging position the latch mechanism and hinges are subject to severe structural loads.

What is a blast vent panel?
These items are designed to release or vent at specified explosive pressures usually in the range of ten to fifty pounds per square foot. Panels are fixed in place and are supplied with release latches and crash chains.

What is meant by the term “rebound pressure” and how does it affect the blast resistant product that is specified?
Blast events are defined by two distinct phases – an initial phase where the full amount of the explosive pressure specified is loaded onto the assembly and a second phase which is also known as the “rebound” pressure where the initial blast pressure dissipates to the ambient pressure immediately prior to the blast event. The extent of the blast pressure during the rebound phase is expressed as percentage of the initial blast pressure. This figure ranges from zero percent to one hundred percent. When a 100% rebound load is specified the door assembly must withstand the full load of the blast in both directions. When the rebound load is 0% the door assembly must withstand the blast load in the initial phase only.

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