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AMBICO sliding blast resistant steel doors combine blast and air pressure resistance with the appearance of standard sliding door products. The all of our blast resistant products adhere to Unified Facilities Criteria designed to protect DoD (Department of Defense) personnel from terrorist attacks.

Whether retrofitting an existing building or building a new one there are minimum blast pressure requirements that all door assemblies must meet. AMBICO also offers blast for industrial projects.

AMBICO has worked with industry leader BakerRisk and ABS Consulting to conduct a variety of open arena and shock tube tests on AMBICO blast resistant door & frame assemblies. Full engineering capability to design and manufacture blast products to meet the most demanding safety requirements.

Testing of units by independent laboratories complies with the most up to date test standards. AMBICO has conducted shocktube and open arena testing as per ASTM-F2927 and ASTM F2247. Test reports or design performance calculations available stamped by an in-house licensed engineer.

Electronic Operators complete with blast resistant electrical accessories are available. Units are supplied with all perimeter blast resistant brackets and all operable hardware.

What is a blast resistant sliding door?
AMBICO sliding blast resistant steel doors combine blast and air pressure resistance with the appearance of standard sliding door products. AMBICO blast resistant products have been laboratory tested and are independently certified by professional engineers.

Why must the factory supply the door hardware complete with blast resistant doors?
Door hardware has been specifically designed and tested to form an integral part of AMBICO blast resistant units. When the door is under pressure in the unseated position the entire assembly can be subject to severe structural loads.

Can AMBICO provide guidance in specifying these unique products?
We recognize that blast resistant sliding doors are a highly specialized product. AMBICO engineers look forward to working with AEC (Architectural/Engineering/Construction)  professionals to provide a detailed specification prior to tender in order to meet the demands associated with unique project applications.

Does AMBICO provide an installation service for these large doors?
AMBICO has extensive experience with installation of these products. On request, AMBICO provides a lead-hand from the factory to work closely with local installation forces to review the scope of work at the site, to assist with the layout of the materials and to troubleshoot at the close-out of the project.

What is meant by the term “rebound pressure” and how does it affect the blast resistant product that is specified?
Blast events are defined by two distinct phases-an initial phase where the full amount of the explosive pressure specified is loaded onto the assembly and a second phase which is also known as the “rebound” pressure where the initial blast pressure dissipates to the ambient pressure immediately prior to the blast event. The extent of the blast pressure during the rebound phase is expressed as percentage of the initial blast pressure. This figure ranges from zero percent to one hundred percent. When a 100% rebound load is specified the door assembly must withstand the full load of the blast in both directions. When the rebound load is 0% the door assembly must withstand the blast load in the initial phase only.

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