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AMBICO blast resistant windows combine outstanding performance characteristics with the appearance of standard metal window products. Our entire range of blast resistant window products is engineered to meet the unique requirements of building projects in a variety of demanding environments.

Products are available in low range units 15 PSF to 5 PSI, mid-range units 6 PSI to 10 PSI, high range units 11 PSI to 100 PSI.

Full in-house engineering capability to design and manufacture blast products to meet the safety and performance requirements of the end user. Testing of blast units by independent laboratories complies with the most up to date test standards on the continent.

Windows can be manufactured as part of a custom glazed system suitable for integration into the interior fit up or building envelope. Window frames are provided with glazing that is factory pre-installed.

Typical Blast Resistant Borrowed Lite Single Unit Spec: View PDF | Download DOCX
CAD: View PDF | Download DWG
Typical Blast Resistant Borrowed Lite Double Unit Spec: View PDF | Download DOCX
CAD: View PDF | Download DWG

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