The Benefits of Using Stainless Steel Assemblies

The Benefits of Using Stainless Steel Assemblies

Stainless steel is used throughout the world for a wide variety of uses and reasons. Industrial kitchens, surgical instruments, and cookware are almost always made of stainless steel due to the resistance to rusting, durability, and ease of cleaning. Stainless steel can offer a brilliant shine and appearance without compromising the integrity of the product. It is for this reason that stainless steel doors and frames can be used in just about any environment for purely aesthetic reasons. In addition, stainless steel can offer corrosive resistance against numerous chemicals, making it easy to clean and ideal for use in clean, salinized or chlorinated environments. 


The healthcare environment is one of the largest industries where stainless steel is used. Surgical instruments are always stainless steel due to the corrosion-resistant nature of stainless steel and the ability to withstand high temperatures, making them easy to sterilize. However, aside from surgical instruments, stainless steel is widely used in some medical implants like artificial heart valves and bone fixation equipment, screws, and plates. Since stainless steel is so useful in the medical world, it makes total sense that stainless steel doors and frames are common in hospital and clinic environments.  

Stainless Steel Doors and Frames in Healthcare

Stainless steel doors and frames have long been found in healthcare environments. Stainless steel doors and frames can be lightweight while offering the corrosion protection typically found with stainless steel. The doors must be durable and easily cleanable but still meet the function and aesthetic demands of discerning architects, including attributes such as low profile vision lite kits. Specialized frames for healthcare environments also exist and play an important part in the cleanliness of healthcare door openings. Typically referred to as sanitary stops or terminated stops, these specialized frames differ from typical frames in that a typical stop will run all the way to the floor, which can lead to a build-up of dust and dirt and can be difficult to clean. With a sanitary base, the stop is terminated above the floor line, meaning you can easily clean and disinfect the area, ensuring limited to no build-up of dust, dirt, mould or worse. 

Decorative Applications 

Stainless steel is often used for decorative purposes due to the multiple finishes available, including mirror finishes, satin finishes, as well as coloured and patterned finishes. Because of this, stainless steel is often found as jewelry, on vehicles as a decorative finish, and in architecture, whether it is on the inside or the outside of a building. Stainless steel is especially important in architecture as it can provide a beautiful accent or finish to a building while providing corrosion protection against weather and air pollution. For this reason, AMBICO designs and manufactures a range of specialized stainless-steel doors and frames for commercial buildings. 

AMBICO Stainless Steel Doors and Frames

AMBICO designs and manufactures stainless steel doors and frames for multiple uses across industries. The durability and range of use of AMBICO stainless steel solutions are reflected in the many areas where you can find our products. Our stainless-steel applications have been found in universities, hospitals, bus and train stations, office buildings, airports, wastewater treatment facilities, laboratories and casinos. We have designed and manufactured stainless solutions based solely on their decorative purposes as we did for the New England Insurance building in Kansas City or the Casino du Lac-Leamy in Quebec. We have also supplied assemblies for more practical applications like the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport and several port authorities in the United States and Canada. 

You can trust AMBICO’s expertise in specialized doors, frames, and windows to find you the right stainless-steel doors and windows for your next project. Visit our gallery to see how we have brought character and durability to buildings with our stainless-steel doors and frames. 


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