AMBICO decorative brass clad and bronze clad doors and frames combine outstanding visual appeal with rugged performance in the field. Products are designed in consultation with our project design team to meet the unique requirements of each job.

Brass clad or bronze frame cladding is fastened to a heavy gauge steel sub-frame with a touch of craftsmanship.

Decorative door face material is fastened to a rugged steel core with care and old world attention to detail.

Door face can be manufactured in a stile and rail configuration or in a one piece seamless construction.

Gleaming appearance of polished brass or bronze clad products projects an exclusive image at a surprisingly moderate cost.

Antique finish of satin brass or bronze clad products suits the design requirements of historical renovation projects.

Ambico has supplied specialized doors and frames to prestigious construction projects throughout the world (Click here to view a picture from the Ambico Gallery). A partial list of completed installations is shown below:

Museum of Fine Arts
Houston, Tx (Bronze)

Townsend Hotel
Auburn Hills, MI (Brass)

Lemieux Island Water Purification Plant
Ottawa, ON.

East Memorial Building
Parliament Buildings, Ottawa ON.

United States Postal Service Main Station
Raleigh, NC.

Wake County Court Building
Fort Worth, TX.

Houston Center for Fine Arts
Houston, TX.

The Pentagon
Washington, D.C.

What type of applications are suitable for brass clad doors and doors frames?

Any opening that requires an elegant appearance can be supplied with a brass clad door or door frame. Common applications include entrances to hotels, apartment buildings, or office complexes. These units can be insulated and prepared for standard builders hardware.

Are brass clad units able to be fire rated?

Brass clad units cannot be fire rated due to the low kindling temperature of brass. However you may wish to consider Ambico’s fire rated, colored stainless steel products available in brass color or bronze color stainless steel in both bright and satin finishes.

Are other types of decorative metals able to be clad over Ambico doors?

In addition to brass, we have expertise in applying bronze or copper to our doors and door frames.

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