Ballistic, Bullet Resistant Windows

Bullet Resistant Window

Our entire range of bullet-resistant window products is engineered to meet the unique requirements of building projects in various demanding environments.

The Underwriter’s Laboratory UL752 is the most commonly reference test method used to measure the efficiency of bullet-resistant materials. Following these guidelines, the performance of the fully assembled window is evaluated to ensure safety standards are met or exceeded. This means that the frame, glass and glazing method passes the UL752 test at the chosen level of performance (level 1 through 10).

Looking at the UL752 performance levels a bit further, a Level One standard protects against medium power small arms. A UL Level Two standard can defend against high-power small arms (.357 Magnum Revolver). Reaching UL Level Three, this standard ensures protection against superpower small arms (.44 Magnum Revolver). A UL Level Four rating works to protect against high-power rifle attacks (30-06 rifle) where anticipated threat levels are extremely high. Finally, UL Levels Five through Ten can defend against military assault weapons and munitions, including armour-piercing bullets.

AMBICO’s tested assemblies include the supply of ballistic glass in a configuration that will offer ballistic performance and can also meet other concerns such as privacy, and life cycle energy efficiency. This criterion is likely to be based on your building’s design and the amount of protection required. Your building may require one window or a combination of several. For convenience and aesthetic purposes, our bullet-resistant windows are available in a wide range of elevations and configurations.

As a benefit to both commercial and specialized applications, bullet-resistant windows give a heightened level of protection. Where interface is required with the public, ballistic windows can be provided with natural voice transmission or a speak port, and with a shelf and deal tray where desired.

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