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Everyone deserves a place to feel safe, a place that you can trust, without sacrificing the human desire for elegance. AMBICO first and foremost works to provide safety, security and beauty to every customer. Regarding doors not as a way to close off a room, but the gateway to a place that is irrefutably secure is an integral part of our philosophy. However, we only accomplish this by providing our employees with the best tools and opportunities available.

These opportunities and tools have allowed our team to use our extensive resources in technology and leveraged our global experience to create products that customers often believe to be impossible or unavailable. Though, only by valuing the diversity of the modern professional landscape, are we able to maintain consistent quality and breakthrough research. By focusing on this diversity, AMBICO can recruit candidates that not only reflect the current views and ethical standards of AMBICO but find candidates who reflect what AMBICO would like to become.

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A Place to Belong

Being family-owned, AMBICO works hard to welcome our diverse workforce into the company. We give our employees the tools and the confidence to stand out among the sea of professionals in the modern age. To this end, AMBICO provides extensive training, a welcoming work environment and abundant opportunities for advancement within your field of expertise. The training we provide allows our workers to flourish regardless of where they choose to take their careers as well as providing experience in creating specialized products, which is a highly valued and rare skill.

With all of this in mind, it is no wonder AMBICO has risen to be a leader in the specialized door industry. The products we offer are a reflection of our dedication to our core values and philosophy. Our fully trained staff only construct the most secure, reliable and refined doors in the industry for clients around the world. As a result, our clients receive doors that are unmatched in the utility they offer and the aesthetic they create.

Work With Us

If you would like to become a part of AMBICO’s world-renowned team, please click the button below to our current job postings:

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An Innovation Leader

AMBICO’s manufacturing facility located in Ottawa, Canada, ensuring AMBICO’s expert technicians can meet large-volume contracts while also constructing every door with precision and craft. Our cutting-edge commissions include bullet-resistant doors, frames and windows; acoustic door and frame assemblies; and brass-clad doors and frames.

Building a Family

AMBICO is proud to invite you to become a part of the family. For over 60 years we have built our company on the values and ambitions of a family owned business. These values have allowed our employees to feel empowered by creating an environment where their contributions are meaningful and are appreciated regardless of position.

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