Case Study: Johnson County Courthouse

Justice has been rendered in Johnson County, Kansas, for more than 160 years, but the space where it was dispensed had long needed a major update. The opening in 2021 of the new, modern, curvilinear Johnson County Courthouse in Olathe City has satisfied that need. Rising seven stories, housing 28 courtrooms and numerous offices, and […]

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Case Study: Cadillac Place

Impressive and imposing, Cadillac Place dominates a full city block in central Detroit. Formerly known as the General Motors Building, the Cadillac Place was renamed after the french founder of Detroit, Antoine Laumet De La Mothe, Sieur De Cadillac. Today, it’s the destination for more than 2,000 State of Michigan employees, who swarm in and […]

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Case Study: West Point Military Academy

Initially established in 1802 as a fort that sits high above New York’s Hudson River, today’s U.S. Military Academy at West Point is renowned as one of the most elite institutions in the country. Home to over 4,000 students that study and train on campus every day, West Point’s entire central campus is a national […]

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Case Study: East Side Access

AMBICO is excited to share our latest case study covering our involvement in New York City’s East Side Access Project. East Side Access is a $10 Billion project that began in 2007 and will continue to 2022. It’s exciting to imagine this massive infrastructure project taking place fourteen stories beneath New York City’s streets. Picture […]

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Case Study: Victory Building

AMBICO was involved in the daunting task of retrofitting the Victory Building, a well-known piece of Winnipeg’s downtown core that was constructed in the 1930s. Named “The Victory Building” in 2005 to honor those who served their country in conflict and peacekeeping, it was originally created in order to inspire the struggling population of the […]

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Case Study: The Sir John A MacDonald Building

AMBICO Limited was delighted to play a key role in the renovation of the Sir John A Macdonald Building, a beautiful and highly regarded heritage property right in our home town, Canada’s capital city. If you’ve ever been to Ottawa then you might recognize this building just from its picture—it’s the Sir John A MacDonald […]

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