West Block Parliament and the Visitor Welcome Center

AMBICO was first approached in early 2016 to work collaboratively with the design team responsible for the major renovations of the Canadian government in Ottawa on Parliament Hill. AMBICO also provided comments into the feasibility of conceptual designs of highly custom doors for the adjacent Visitors Welcome Centre. AMBICO’s role became much more significant once asked to provide over 50 doors and frames of various types, decorative, engineered, and both, for the West Block Rehabilitation project. Both projects showcase the extensive range of products AMBICO can offer for high-profile projects where aesthetics and performance requirements are equally important.

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Bronx Community College in New York City

Our project at Bronx Community College was all about helping to retrofit the building by providing AMBICO’s Recessed Panel Doors & Frames. Since 1959 the Bronx campus has stood proudly in New York City but after more than 50 years it was in need of some touching up. And it’s amazing what some new technology can do to revive an older building.

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Richard H. Hutchings Psychiatric Center

Balancing the need for strength and security along with patient comfort is an essential goal of behavioral health facility managers and their building design teams. The desire to develop a wood door robust enough to satisfy the physical abuse requirements of behavioral health patients has been an exhausting challenge to concerning architects.

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Dr. Robbe Goris Laboratory at the University of Texas

The Dr. Goris Laboratory at the Animal Research Center at the University of Texas is lead by Dr. Robbe Goris, a professor at UT, studying the primate visual system. The purpose of his research is to understand the computations performed by single neurons. By extension, Dr. Goris researches the populations of neurons in the visual and association areas of the cerebral cortex and expresses that research in mathematical models.

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The Isabel Bader Center for Performing Arts

AMBICO has designed and supplied nearly 100 both wood and steel acoustic doors and frames for the new Isabel Bader Center for the Performing Arts at Queen’s University in Kingston, ON, Canada. AMBICO has been involved from the very early design stages of the project, right through to the installation.

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City of Dreams Luxury Resort in Manila, Philippines

City of Dreams Manila, is a world-class, luxury resort, in the Philippines, boasting three prestigious hotels, a casino complex, several notable restaurants, nightclubs, shopping, a theme park and more. This magnificent development officially opened in 2015. This is a wonderful example of a multi-faceted development, where several performance rated products were specified.

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