Project: Dr. Goris Laboratory

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The Dr. Goris Laboratory at the Animal Research Center at the University of Texas is lead by Dr. Robbe Goris, a professor at UT, studying the primate visual system. The purpose of his research is to understand the computations performed by single neurons and populations of neurons in the visual and association areas of the cerebral cortex, and express that understanding in mathematical models.

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Project: Isabel Bader Center

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AMBICO has designed and supplied nearly 100 acoustic (both wood and steel) doors and frames for the new Isabel Bader Center for the Performing Arts at Queen’s University in Kingston, ON, Canada. AMBICO has been involved from the very beginning (the early design stages of the project) right through to the installation.

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Project: City of Dreams Manila

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Casino. Entertainment. Shopping. Restaurants. Nightclub. Hotels. Spa. City of Dreams Manila is an endless feast of fun. Coming to the exotic locale of Manila (in the Philippines) this year, the resort boasts three award-winning hotels amidst a sea of alluring attractions. While enjoying this carefree experience, AMBICO products will be safeguarding you behind the scenes.

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