Project: Richard H. Hutchings Psychiatric Center

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Balancing the need for strength and security along with patient comfort is an important goal of behavioral health facility managers and their building design teams. The desire to develop a wood door robust enough to satisfy the physical abuse requirements of behavioral health patients has been an exhausting challenge to concerning architects.

At the architect’s request, AMBICO has stepped forward with our latest product to satisfy this demand. Our newly developed wood security door utilizes a proprietary structural steel core to ensure the necessary strength provisions. This is what led to the creation of AMBICO’s Anti-Barricade Security Wood Door & Steel Frame Assembly.

AMBICO’s Anti-Barricade Security Wood Door & Steel Frame Assemblies have been fully tested and approved for use by the New York State Office of Mental Health and included in their Patient Safety Standards, Materials and Systems Guidelines document.

The doors were used in a test project at the Richard H. Hutchings Psychiatric Center in Syracuse, New York. The Center, built in 1972, was being renovated on one floor. This floor was an area that was designated for particularly agitated patients and called for a door that could withstand years of abuse.
The steel frames have been uniquely developed with the option to utilize a swing clear stop, allowing the door to swing in either direction for anti-barricade safety and security. Assemblies are furnished by the door manufacturer with a super heavy-duty double acting continuous hinge. Assemblies can be furnished with any available veneer species and they can be custom factory stained, clear coat or prime painted for custom paint finish.

The designers of behavioral health facilities have long searched for wood door solutions for high-risk areas such as patient rooms. Traditional solid core wood door solutions have not proven robust enough for these types of openings and traditional steel doors fail to contribute to the warm, nurturing atmosphere called for in this context. AMBICO’s Anti-Barricade Security Wood Door & Steel Frame Assembly has proven itself up to the task.

Project: Dr. Goris Laboratory

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The Dr. Goris Laboratory at the Animal Research Center at the University of Texas is lead by Dr. Robbe Goris, a professor at UT, studying the primate visual system. The purpose of his research is to understand the computations performed by single neurons and populations of neurons in the visual and association areas of the cerebral cortex, and express that understanding in mathematical models.

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Project: Isabel Bader Center

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AMBICO has designed and supplied nearly 100 acoustic (both wood and steel) doors and frames for the new Isabel Bader Center for the Performing Arts at Queen’s University in Kingston, ON, Canada. AMBICO has been involved from the very beginning (the early design stages of the project) right through to the installation.

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Project: City of Dreams Manila

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City of Dreams Manila, in the Philippines, is a world-class, luxury resort boasting three prestigious hotels, a casino complex, several notable restaurants, nightclubs, shopping, a theme park and more. This magnificent development officially opened in 2015. Numerous AMBICO products were specified in this project.

This is a wonderful example of a multi-faceted development, where performance rated AMBICO products were specified. We have provided many of the specialized door assemblies for this large scale construction: bullet resistant doors; bullet resistant multi-blade vertical lift overhead doors; and in an exceptional application, AMBICO’s watertight doors were specified as well.

These highly specialized watertight products were installed in the room where freshwater is stored in large tanks. Should there be problems with these water tanks, AMBICO’s watertight door assemblies will prevent water leakage to other areas of the building.

These special use AMBICO watertight door assemblies and the bullet resistant door assemblies have been successfully installed and ensure a safe and secure environment in City of Dreams Manila. AMBICO is pleased to have played a critical role in the development of such an exciting project.

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