City of Dreams Luxury Resort in Manila, Philippines

City of Dreams Manila, is a world-class, luxury resort, in the Philippines, boasting three prestigious hotels, a casino complex, several notable restaurants, nightclubs, shopping, a theme park and more. This magnificent development officially opened in 2015. This is a wonderful example of a multi-faceted development, where several performance rated products were specified.

AMBICO provided many of the specialized door assemblies for this large-scale construction. As with any resort or tourist destination, security and safety are paramount for the City of Dreams Manila which was provided with AMBICO’s bullet-resistant doors and bullet resistant multi-blade vertical lift overhead doors. These doors provide up from 4 (regular doors) to 8 (vertical lift doors) UL levels of bullet resistance. This diversity allows the City of Dreams Manila to provide safe and secure premises that can protect its guests from everything from a .357 Magnum Revolver to military assault weapons depending on their needs. AMBICO also implemented the doors with the express desire for them to look sleek, beautiful and appealing, in order to seamlessly integrate them into the resort.

In an exceptional application, AMBICO’s flood resistant doors were specified as well. These highly specialized flood resistant products were installed in a room where freshwater is stored in large tanks. Should there be problems with these water tanks, AMBICO’s flood resistant door and frame assemblies will prevent water leakage to other areas of the building by withstanding hydrostatic pressure while providing robust seal systems capable of reducing water leakage.

These special use AMBICO flood resistant door assemblies and bullet resistant door assemblies have been successfully installed to ensure a safe and secure environment in the City of Dreams Manila. AMBICO is pleased to have played a critical role in the development of such an exciting project.

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