Dr. Robbe Goris Laboratory at the University of Texas

The Dr. Goris Laboratory at the Animal Research Center at the University of Texas is lead by Dr. Robbe Goris, a professor at UT, studying the primate visual system. The purpose of his research is to understand the computations performed by single neurons. By extension, Dr. Goris researches the populations of neurons in the visual and association areas of the cerebral cortex and expresses that research in mathematical models.

To achieve this, he uses a diverse set of research tools: behavioral experiments, computational modeling, and monkey physiology. Conceptually, his work is subdivided in three broad areas that are concerned with the encoding of visual information, the corruption of this information by noise, and the decoding of this information to guide behavior.

During a recent renovation of the lab, AMBICO Limited was contracted to design and build a sliding door assembly.  Not only were these doors designed to slide, but they had to keep the sound from traveling through the prep room and into the hallway thus interfering with other studies happening in labs across the hall; these doors had to be acoustic.The doors have an acoustic STC rating of 50 but, as you can see from the photo, they have the appearance of standard sliding door products.

STC stands for “sound transmission class”, it is the accepted method for quantifying the acoustic performance level of a product or assembly of products. It represents a method of measuring sound transmission loss through a barrier (ie. a door or a wall). The higher the STC rating, the better the sound-blocking properties of the door and seal assembly system.

This STC 50 sliding door system offer Dr. Goris and his team a high level of sound performance while allowing easy, fluid door operation to the user each time that the door is cycled open or closed. The AMBICO acoustic solution will provide years of high performance and trouble-free operation to the University.

Photo © The University of Texas

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