Case Study: East Side Access

AMBICO is excited to share our latest case study covering our involvement in New York City’s East Side Access Project. East Side Access is a $10 Billion project that began in 2007 and will continue to 2022. It’s exciting to imagine this massive infrastructure project taking place fourteen stories beneath New York City’s streets. Picture a six-mile-long tunnel, subway stations and a rail hub all deep underground beneath Grand Central Station. The goal is to create a commuter rail system that will carry an estimated 160,000 people daily from Queens to Manhattan.

AMBICO has been involved from near the beginning to work with Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and the project architects to fabricate 275 pressure-resistant door and frame assemblies. What is this type of doors used for? When creating a massive commuter rails system, safety measures are imperative. You guessed it – that’s where these pressure-resistant door and frame assemblies come in.

But how do they keep commuters safe? Keep reading about this in the full East Side Access case study featured in DHI magazine.

Please click on the PDF icon to read the full case study.

Photo © Metropolitan Transportation Authority / Patrick Cashin

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