AMBICO lead lined steel doors and frames combine protection against radiation with the appearance of standard hollow metal products. A full range of fire rated and non-fire rated products are readily available in both mild steel and stainless steel.

Door and Frame products can be supplied with lead varying in thickness from 1/64″ to 1″. Products provide radiation protection in hospitals and health clinics.

Swinging or sliding doors may be used in specific industrial applications such as aeronautics where the use of X-Ray technology is integral to the manufacturing process.

Fire labelled products have been tested in accordance with NFPA-80 and are certified by Underwriters Laboratories and Warnock Hersey International. Fire labelled products may be supplied in singles or pairs.

Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston, MA

Boeing Corporation
Seattle, WA

Pratt & Whitney Corp.
Montreal, QC

Heart Port Hospital
Salt Lake City, UT

Rocky River Municipal Court
Rocky River, OH

Akron City Hospital
Akron, OH

Kaiser Permanente Hospital
Los Angeles, CA

Ottawa Carleton Cancer Clinic, Linear Accelerator
Ottawa, ON

St. Joseph Mercy Hospital
Ann Arbor, MI

Lead Lined

Lead Lined Door Specs (.pdf / .doc); CADs (.dwg), (.pdf); BIMs (Double Flush .rfa / .dwg) , (Single Flush .rfa / .dwg) More Info
Lead Lined Frame Specs (.pdf / .doc); CADs (.dwg), (.pdf); BIMs (Double Flush .rfa / .dwg) , (Single Flush .rfa / .dwg) More Info
Lead Lined Lite Kit Specs (.pdf / .doc); CADs (.dwg), (.pdf); BIMs (Double Flush .rfa / .dwg) , (Single Flush .rfa / .dwg) More Info
Lead Lined Astragal Specs (.pdf / .doc); CADs (.dwg), (.pdf); BIMs (Double Flush .rfa / .dwg) , (Single Flush .rfa / .dwg) More Info
What is the purpose of lead-lined steel doors?
These doors are designed to withstand radiation created by various types of sophisticated machinery. These products are usually associated with the health care industry and the use of X-Rays, CAT scans, and MRI’s. At times AMBICO lead-lined doors are used in aircraft manufacturing facilities where lead-lined enclosures protect workers from testing procedures used to verify precise quality assurance techniques.

Are these doors similar in appearance to conventional hollow metal doors?
The weight and thickness of lead-lined doors is determined by the thickness of the lead required to withstand specific levels of radiation. Most doors and door frames are made with 1/8″ or 1/16″ thick lead. Consequently they weigh 200-300 pounds. AMBICO lead-lined doors are 1 3/4″ thick and have the appearance of conventional hollow metal doors. They can be hung on readily available heavy weight builders hardware. These products can be fire rated up to three hours.

Where extremely thick lead laminates are specified, the structure of the door must be altered to allow for the weight of the overall unit. In these instances, ie. where lead thickness exceeds 1/4″, doors may require unique structures engineered to the door core which will necessitate a thicker door and factory supplied heavy weight door hardware. These particular doors cannot be fire rated.

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