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AMBICO customizes recessed panel steel doors to suit unique architectural and aesthetic requirements. Individual panels are recessed into the door face to create a prominent “shadow” around the perimeter of each rectangular panel.

Recessed panel doors can be provided in a four panel configuration as shown, or in a pattern of your choice. Each panel is individually manufactured and then recessed deeply into the door face. The overall effect is indeed eye-catching.

Panel sizes can be customized in quantity or size to meet unique job requirements. Multi-panel patterns can be striking in appearance. Two-panel designs convey a modern symmetrical look.

Recessed panel doors integrate an “old-world” recessed panel motif with modern security materials and up-to-date insulating products. Door faces are available in gauges ranging from fourteen to eighteen. Outstanding lead times.


Saint Andrew’s Jr. School

Antigonish, NS CAN

Goucher College

Baltimore, MD USA

800 North Clark 

Murfreesboro, TN USA

Sandgate Building #2

Calgary, AB CAN

Hollow Metal Door, 3 Recessed Panel Spec: View PDF | Download DOCX
CAD: View PDF | Download DWG
BIM: 1x3 Download RFA | Download DWG
Hollow Metal Door, 3 Recessed Panel with Lite Kit Spec: View PDF | Download DOCX
CAD: View PDF | Download DWG
Hollow Metal Door, 6 Recessed Panel Spec: View PDF | Download DOCX
CAD: View PDF | Download DWG
BIM: 2x3 Download RFA | Download DWG
Hollow Metal Door, 10 Recessed Panel Spec: View PDF | Download DOCX
CAD: View PDF | Download DWG
What is a “recessed panel” steel door?
This door is modeled after traditional wood panel “colonial” doors where the door is built up from the door core to provide a deep recess around each door panel. As opposed to an embossed door panel, which is made of light gauge steel material stamped into the door face and is manufactured on a commodity basis, the AMBICO recessed panel steel door is made on a custom basis and is constructed with the strength of a hollow metal security door. The panels are set on a steel plate core which is inset into the door face. The raised panels are built in custom sizes and configurations depending on the unique design criteria of the end user. AMBICO’s “recessed panel” steel door may be manufactured up to a size of 4’0″ x 10’0″ with as few as one panel per door leaf or as many panels as may be desired!

What are custom steel doors and frames?
A wide variety of definitions exist dependent upon the availability of steel door products in the marketplace.
If a supplier of commodity steel doors and frames cannot produce a specific item then a supplier of “custom” steel doors and door frames may be sourced.

We define custom steel door and frame products as follows:

AMBICO specializes in small runs (ie. less than one hundred units) of custom steel doors and door frames. Recessed panel steel doors are one of a number of types of customized doors that are manufactured by AMBICO.

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