• AMBICO acoustic soundproof wood doors and steel frames set the global standard for sound transmission loss. Doors and frames have been tested as a unit and are supplied with acoustic perimeter and bottom seals.
  • Stock acoustic soundproof wood doors and steel frames are ready for immediate shipment.
  • Soundproof Doors are available 1 3/4″ thick from STC 33 to STC 50.
  • Soundproof Doors are available at greater thicknesses from STC 51 to STC 54.
  • Face veneers are available in a variety of paint grade or stain grade options including birch, oak, walnut, maple and cherry.
  • Door edges match the veneer of the door face.
  • Testing of acoustic door/frame units by independent laboratories complies with the most up-to-date standards on the continent.
  • Fire rated doors are available up to 90 minutes
  • Units have been designed to accept readily available heavy weight builders hardware.
  • Soundproof doors are available with acoustic glazing that is factory pre-installed.

Our SCIF compliant acoustic door and frame assemblies are manufactured for your security related needs in compliance with DCID 6/9.

What is an STC rating?
STC stands for “sound transmission class”. It represents a method of measuring sound transmission loss through a barrier ie. a door or a wall. The higher the STC rating the better the sound deadening property of the door. AMBICO provides 1 3/4″ thick doors from STC 33 to STC 53. Doors up to 3 3/8″ in overall thickness provide a rating of STC 54. Let us help you select an acoustic product that will meet your project requirements.

Are acoustic doors supplied with seals and door hardware?
Perimeter seals, bottom seals and thresholds are always supplied, as they are integral to the sound deadening properties of the door/frame unit. Heavy weight butt hinges and latching devices are readily available from local hardware distributors as well as from AMBICO.

Can acoustic doors be provided with glass lites?
AMBICO has tested glazed acoustic doors that have achieved STC 52. Glazing material must be factory pre-installed.

What type of wood finishing is available?
The entire range of wood veneers are available. Doors are supplied with matching edges. As well, doors can be provided with a pre-finished stain or clear coat per project specifications.

AMBICO has supplied specialized doors and frames to prestigious construction projects throughout the world. A partial list of completed installations is shown below. For more projects with other AMBICO products, please view our Gallery

Place D’Youville
Montreal, QC

Schiller Park, IL

Stephenville Hospital
Stephenville, NB

Philadelphia Recreation Department
Philadelphia, PA

Dow Chemicals
Edmonton, AB

The Pentagon
Washington, DC

Minuteman Project
Draper, UT

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