Providing World Class Products

AMBICO’s talented team has expanded from the original five employees in 1955 to a staff of greater than 100 today, with expert machine operators working hand in hand with export specialists, engineers, and marketing professionals to deliver an internationally recognized product. But even as the company has grown, a commitment to excellence has remained at the core of our business.

Our team is affiliated with Door and Hardware Industry (DHI), along with such international standards organizations as Hollow Metal Manufacturers Association (HMMA), The Canadian Steel Door Manufacturers Association (CSDMA), American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), Canadian Standards Association (CSA), and American National Standards Institute (ANSI). We also closely monitor local and international codes relating to construction and fire standards.

Beauty Without Sacrificing Safety

At all times, we keep top of mind that every building entrance generates an impression and conveys a message about what may be found within. Whether an opening is commissioned for a modern company headquarters or a century-old heritage building, AMBICO guarantees exceptional decorative door and frame assemblies that combine unique design with function and serviceability. In other words, beauty does not have to take a back seat to technical considerations. A genuinely handsome door can also be blast-resistant, bullet-resistant, or meet rigorous acoustic requirements. If you can imagine it, we will strive to build it. Our staff listens carefully to your needs and then excels at providing solutions that exceed expectations. That’s why AMBICO has recorded annual sales growth of 15-20% for each of the past five years, completing upwards of 500 distinct projects annually.

Representatives and Licensees

AMBICO also sells its intellectual property globally through licensing agreements with international manufacturers. The choice is yours. Have your specialized doors manufactured by AMBICO and shipped to your building site or rely on geographically closer manufacturers who can use our detailed designs and certification information to complete the job. For more information on this, please visit our Licensee Page.

Once the doors are ready to install, AMBICO supplies architects, engineers, and building contractors with detailed installation instructions. For complex projects, we offer the services of an AMBICO factory installer, sending them to the site to train and oversee the crew performing the installation work.

Our Commitment to Customer Choice

AMBICO has developed and continues to support the widest range of certified door and frame assemblies in the industry- ranging from fire rated brass doors, frames and windows to high-performance STC wood doors and state-of-the-art Blast Resistant openings. Our offering is supported by our talented technicians, engineers and craftspeople, an outstanding network of representatives.

Unparalleled Installation Support

AMBICO supplies its clients with detailed installation instructions. For complex projects, we offer the option to send an AMBICO factory installer to the site to train and oversee the crew performing the installation work. We offer free installation certification for the correct installation of our products in field applications. Our Certified Installer List can also help find someone located in Canada, the USA or internationally.

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