AMBICO tornado resistant doors and frames combine the ultimate in wind and debris resistance and yet appear identical to standard hollow metal doors and pressed steel frames. Doors and frames have been tested as a unit and are supplied with locks and hinges factory pre-installed.

Products are manufactured in compliance with FEMA #361 “Design and Construction Guidance for Community Shelters”.

Units have been tested to allow for openings as large as 8’0″ x 8’0″, the largest in the industry. Doors and frames are available in singles or in pairs. Fire labelled products have been tested in accordance with NFPA-80 and are certified by Underwriters Laboratories.

Units have been tested and are supplied with one of a variety of locking options including mortise sets or exit devices.

Tornado Resistant

FEMA 361 Tornado Resistant Door Specs (.pdf / .doc); CADs (.dwg), (.pdf); BIMs (Double Flush .rfa / .dwg) , (Single Flush .rfa / .dwg) More Info
FEMA 361 Tornado Resistant Frame Specs (.pdf / .doc); CADs (.dwg), (.pdf); BIMs (Double Flush .rfa / .dwg) , (Single Flush .rfa / .dwg) More Info
FEMA 361 Tornado Resistant Shutter Frame Specs (.pdf / .doc); CADs (.dwg), (.pdf); BIMs (Double Flush .rfa / .dwg) , (Single Flush .rfa / .dwg) More Info
What is the purpose of “Tornado Resistant Doors and Frames”?
Tornado resistant doors and frames are designed to be resistant to the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Authority) 361 standard. This is an American federal standard that has established stringent criteria to resist the wind pressure and possible debris damage caused by tornadoes. Doors and frames that comply with this standard have been tested at independent laboratories.

How do “Tornado Resistant Doors and Frames” differ from “Hurricane Doors and Frames”?
The types of wind pressures that doors and frames are subject to in these two instances are completely different. Consequently, the standards that govern these products are distinct. In the case of tornadoes, the units must resist wind loads up to 250 mph in the out swinging position as well as debris actually shot at the doors at 100 mph. FEMA 361 is a national standard currently supported by the USA Department of Homeland Security. In the case of hurricanes, the door/frame units are designed to withstand the relatively lighter wind loads experienced in a hurricane environment. As well, the hurricane standards require that door/frame units withstand a minimum level of water resistance. The Dade County test has been adopted in some coastal areas of the USA. Currently, national test standards do not exist.

Are there any size or hardware restrictions for “Tornado Resistant Doors and Frames”?
Restrictions with respect to tornado door and frame size as well as hardware configurations conform to the laboratory prototypes tested by specific firms. AMBICO Limited currently has test data to support the supply of door leafs as large as 4’0″ x 8’0″ in singles or in pairs. All items tested require the supply of door hardware actually used in the lab tests and include heavyweight butt hinges and a multi-point mortise lockset which are factory supplied and pre-installed.

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