Case Study: Victory Building

AMBICO was involved in the daunting task of retrofitting the Victory Building, a well-known piece of Winnipeg’s downtown core that was constructed in the 1930s. Named “The Victory Building” in 2005 to honor those who served their country in conflict and peacekeeping, it was originally created in order to inspire the struggling population of the Prairies during the great depression.

AMBICO was approached by the owner of the building to manufacture and retrofit doors at the entrance and lobby because of our past experience with retrofits. In addition, heritage architects of the Public Works Department of the Canadian government worked with AMBICO engineers to replicate doors that would complement the original design intent of the building’s design team. A difficult task to be sure, one that required years of coordinating and planning between AMBICO, the owner and the Canadian Government to fulfill.

Restoring the Victory Building to its inspirational appearance required AMBICO to pull from the wealth of experience in retrofitting and restoration. Read about the painstaking process in a case study featured in DHI Magazine.

Please click on the PDF icon to read the full case study.

Photo © Government of Canada

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