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Decorative Doors & Frames
Brass/Bronze Clad | Recessed Panel Steel | Stainless Steel

Decorative Windows
Brass/Bronze Clad | Stainless Steel

Engineered Doors & Frames
Acoustic Steel | Acoustic Wood |
Blast Resistant Steel | Bullet Resistant Steel
Bullet Resistant Wood |
Detention Steel | Lead Lined Steel | Marine Steel
Oversized Steel
Radio Frequency Steel | Tornado Resistant Steel

Engineered Overhead Doors & Frames
Blast Resistant Steel | Bullet Resistant Steel

Engineered Windows
Acoustic Steel | Blast Resistant Steel | Bullet Resistant Steel

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Sweet Dreams, Courtesy of AMBICO Products


Casino.  Entertainment.  Shopping.  Restaurants.  Nightclub.  Hotels.  Spa.  City of Dreams Manila is an endless feast of fun.  Coming to the exotic locale of Manila (in the Philippines) this year, the resort boasts three award-winning hotels amidst a sea of alluring attractions.  While enjoying this carefree experience, AMBICO products will be safeguarding you behind the scenes.