Attack Resistant Steel Doors & Frames

AMBICO attack resistant steel door and frame assemblies are designed to prevent an active shooter from entering the building during a ballistic and forced entry attack. The new Attack Resistant Assemblies are a low-cost alternative to other types of security doors and frames and have been designed to provide teachers, security guards, employees, residents, and occupant’s additional valuable time to react until first responders arrive.

This system is designed to prevent the shooter from entering a facility and gaining access to further areas of the school or public building. The door solutions are primarily built to protect students and the teaching faculty in K-12 and university environments, as well as businesses and other public buildings. The doors can be equipped with vision lite kits and glazing that are resilient enough to withstand the ballistic and physical attack.

The National Association of State Fire Marshals recommend school doors to be equipped with locks that can be secured from inside the room. Because locks can be disengaged by breaking through glass, entire door openings should be considered to enhance occupant safety.

The Attack Resistant Door Opening Solution creates a calm, aesthetically pleasing atmosphere by blending into the overall design of the school.

The Shooter/Attack test method is based on two test standards: UL 752 Level 7 and ASTM F476. These have been modified and combined per recommendations from law enforcement, Homeland Security, and active shooter subject matter experts. Note:

  • The modified UL 752 Level 7 uses 10 rounds of AR15 .223 at a velocity of 3240 ft./sec with 8 rounds around an 18″ circle and two shots around a 3″ circle centered on the glass panel, 5 rounds around the door lock area in a 5″ diameter circle. Note: the door\frame assembly is designed to slow an attacker. The assembly is not designed to stop the penetration of ballistic materials.
  • The modified ASTM F476 uses high potential energy levels, impacting door glass and hardware at each potential energy level twice.  The Ambico / Armoured One Attack Resistant door achieved Class 5 performance, which equates to 150ft-lbf or 203J.
  • Failure is established when a breach in the door opening has occurred or an opening allows a 3” sphere to pass through one side to the other.
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