NEW AIA Certified Course on Resilient Design

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The Role of Commercial Steel Doors in Resilient Design

AMBICO now offers a new AIA certified course currently available for architects online through AEC Daily. The Role of Commercial Steel Doors in Resilient Design is our first course to qualify for 1.5 CEU credits. In addition, it qualifies for LU, HSW, GBCI, and more. You can view the course here.

Why Resilient Design?

Resiliency is a growing necessity. It’s important to understand the impacts natural and man-made disasters have on the built environment and to design for those impacts now. This course will provide an overview of the benefits of using steel doors in resilient design strategy. This includes applications requiring resistance to blasts, tornadoes, and ballistics.

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East Side Access Case Study

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Tunnel Vision: New York City’s East Side Access Project

AMBICO is excited to share our latest case study covering our involvement in New York City’s East Side Access Project!

East Side Access is a $10 Billion project that began in 2007 and will continue to 2022. It’s exciting to imagine this massive infrastructure project taking place fourteen stories beneath New York City’s streets! Picture a six-mile-long tunnel, subway stations and a rail hub all deep underground beneath Grand Central Station. What’s the end goal? To create a commuter rail system that will carry an estimated 160,000 people daily from Queens to Manhattan.

AMBICO has been involved from near the beginning to work with Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and the project architects to fabricate 275 pressure-resistant door and frame assemblies. What is this type of doors used for? When creating a massive commuter rails system, safety measures are imperative. You guessed it – that’s where these pressure-resistant door and frame assemblies come in. But how do they keep commuters safe? Keep reading about this in the full East Side Access case study below.

Please click on the PDF icon to read the full case study.pdf-icon48x48

Photo © Metropolitan Transportation Authority / Patrick Cashin

City of Dreams, Manila

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Casino. Entertainment. Shopping. Restaurants. Nightclub. Hotels. Spa. City of Dreams Manila is an endless feast of fun. Coming to the exotic locale of Manila (in the Philippines) this year, the resort boasts three award-winning hotels amidst a sea of alluring attractions. While enjoying this carefree experience, AMBICO products will be safeguarding you behind the scenes.

While you are busy chasing your dreams at the casino, shopping at world class boutiques, enjoying international cuisine or just relaxing by a pool, what will be protecting you? AMBICO door & frame assemblies! This is a wonderful example of a multi-faceted project, where performance rated AMBICO products were specified. We have provided many of the specialized door assemblies for this large scale development: bullet resistant doors; bullet resistant multi-blade vertical lift overhead doors; and in an exceptional application, AMBICO’s watertight doors were specified as well.

These highly specialized door and frame products were installed in the room where fresh water is stored in large tanks. Should there be problems with these water tanks, AMBICO’s watertight doors will prevent water leakage to other areas of the building.
These special use AMBICO bullet resistant door assemblies and watertight door assemblies have been successfully installed and ensure a safe and secure environment. AMBICO is pleased to have played a critical role in the development of such an exciting project.

Image from

Isabel Bader Center

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AMBICO has designed and supplied nearly 100 acoustic (both wood and steel) doors and frames for the new Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts at Queen’s University in Kingston, ON, Canada. AMBICO has been involved from the very beginning (the early design stages of the project) right through to the installation.

Due to the nature of the building (a performance hall), the architects had to rely on AMBICO’s acoustic material to block the sound from room to room. AMBICO produced STC 40 (steel and wood) doors and STC 51 (steel) doors for the project, plus some unequal pairs of STC 59 (steel). There won’t be any sound travel in this building!

Although still undergoing construction, the Centre promises to be impressive. A $63 million project; $22 million was generously donated by Drs. Alfred and Isabel Bader. The Centre is named in honor of Isabel Bader, for her love of music and theater.

Concealed behind this incredible building and its benefactors is a truly romantic love story: Isabel met Alfred aboard a ship, the two courted and more than 400 love letters were exchanged. After their relationship ended prematurely, Alfred went on to marry someone else and have a family. Years later, when Alfred was divorced, he and Isabel rekindled their romance and the two got married and remain happily married today.

Case Study: The Sir John A MacDonald Building

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AMBICO Limited was delighted to play a key role in the renovation of this beautiful and highly regarded heritage property right in our home town, Canada’s capital city. If you’ve ever been to Ottawa then you might recognize this building just from its picture—it’s the Sir John A MacDonald Building, the former flagship branch of the Bank of Montreal originally built over 80 years ago.

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Architectural Record: Schools of the 21st Century

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If you’ve had a chance to see the January issue of Architectural Record, then you saw that AMBICO has been featured! This issue of Architectural Record highlights school environments and includes our Acoustic Doors, Frames and Windows and how they can be utilized for education environments.

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Discovery Channel Canada films AMBICO Blast Doors!

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In October 2013, Discovery Canada shot a segment for their TV show Daily Planet about research at the University of Ottawa.  Part of the segment featured the setup and installation of AMBICO’s own blast doors in the shock tube and the test results.

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Tornado Alley

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It’s not exactly standard for a school to have Tornado Resistant Steel Doors and Frames in their buildings but for those like Park Crossing High School in Montgomery, Alabama, well, it’s a fact of life. You see, Montgomery is a city located in what is commonly called “Tornado Alley” – a strip of the United States where the number of recorded tornadoes is extremely high.

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