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General Description: 

AMBICO proudly introduces the industry’s first tornado resistant wood doors with steel frames. This groundbreaking product represents the culmination of rigorous testing and cutting-edge design. Our tornado resistant wood doors and steel frames combine unparalleled wind and debris resistance with a seamless appearance, mirroring that of standard wood doors and pressed steel frames.

With AMBICO’s tornado resistant wood doors and steel frames, you no longer have to compromise between style and durability. Achieve the ultimate combination of protection, elegance, and customization in tornado-prone areas.

Product Details:

  • Tested as a Unit: Wood doors and steel frames are rigorously tested together, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.
  • Pre-Installed Lock or Exit Device: Assembly can be supplied with a lock or exit device factory pre-installed, providing convenience and efficiency during installation.
  • Versatile Face Veneers: Face veneers are available in a wide range of species, cuts, and grades, allowing for customization to suit various aesthetic preferences.
  • Customizable Finish: Wood doors are available with options for custom stain matching or clear coat finishes, enabling personalized aesthetics.
  • Coordinated Hardwood Stiles: Hardwood stiles are coordinated to match the face veneers, enhancing the overall visual appeal and consistency of the assembly.
  • ICC500 Compliance: Manufactured and tested in compliance with ICC500 (2014) – ICC/NSSA Standard for the Design and Construction of Storm Shelters, ensuring adherence to industry standards for storm shelter construction.
  • Versatile Size Options: Tested to accommodate openings as small as 2’6″ x 6’8″ and as large as 4’0″ x 8’0″, providing flexibility for various project requirements.
  • Single Door Configuration: Doors and frames are available only in singles, suitable for applications where individual access is preferred.
  • Multipoint Hardware Compatibility: Units have been tested to include multipoint hardware, offering a range of locking options and functions. Consult the factory for available options.

Use Cases: AMBICO’s Tornado Resistant Wood Door & Steel Frame Assemblies are suitable for a wide range of use cases, providing superior protection in various applications. Here are some key scenarios where our assemblies excel:

  1. Residential Buildings: Protecting homes and residential buildings from tornadoes is of utmost importance for the safety of occupants. Our Tornado Resistant Wood Door & Steel Frame Assemblies offer a harmonious blend of style and strength, ensuring the security of residents and preserving the architectural integrity of the property.
  2. Commercial and Hospitality Spaces: From hotels and resorts to offices and retail establishments, commercial and hospitality spaces require a sophisticated combination of aesthetics and protection. Our Tornado Resistant Wood Door & Steel Frame Assemblies provide an elegant solution that elevates the visual appeal of the space while offering robust tornado resistance.
  3. Cultural and Historical Sites: Preserving the historical and cultural significance of buildings is essential, even in tornado-prone areas. Our Tornado Resistant Wood Door & Steel Frame Assemblies offer a seamless integration with the existing architectural style while providing superior protection, safeguarding these valuable sites for generations to come.
  4. Public Buildings and Institutions: Government buildings, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities require reliable tornado protection. Our Tornado Resistant Wood Door & Steel Frame Assemblies offer a sophisticated solution that meets the stringent safety requirements of these public spaces while maintaining an appealing architectural aesthetic.

AMBICO’s Tornado Resistant Wood Door & Steel Frame Assemblies seamlessly unite style and durability. Let us help you find the perfect blend of protection and elegance for your project. 

Coalgate Public Schools

Coalgate, OK USA

Parkview Elementary School

Fort Worth, TX USA

Tornado Resistant Wood Doors and Steel Frames SPEC. View PDF | Download DOC
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Tornado resistant doors and frames are designed to be resistant to the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Authority) 361 standard. This is an American federal standard that has established stringent criteria to resist the wind pressure and possible debris damage caused by tornadoes. Doors and frames that comply with this standard have been tested at independent laboratories.

The types of wind pressures that doors and frames are subject to in these two instances are completely different. Consequently, the standards that govern these products are distinct. In the case of tornadoes, the units must resist wind loads up to 250 mph in the in-swinging position as well as debris actually shot at the doors at 100 mph. FEMA 361 is a national standard currently supported by the USA Department of Homeland Security. In the case of hurricanes, the door/frame units are designed to withstand the relatively lighter wind loads experienced in a hurricane environment. As well, the hurricane standards require that door/frame units withstand a minimum level of water resistance. The Dade County test has been adopted in some coastal areas of the USA. Currently, national test standards do not exist.

Restrictions with respect to tornado door and frame size as well as hardware configurations conform to the laboratory prototypes tested by specific firms. AMBICO Limited currently has test data to support the supply of door leafs as small as 2’6″ x 6’8″ and as large as 4’0″ x 8’0″ in singles. All items tested require the supply of door hardware actually used in the lab tests and include heavyweight butt hinges and a multi-point mortise lockset which are factory supplied and can be factory pre-installed.