Case Studies

Case Study: Johnson County Courthouse

AMBICO’s pivotal role in the renovation of the Johnson County Courthouse in Kansas. This ambitious project involved supplying high-quality, cherry veneer doors to meet stringent acoustic standards. Despite pandemic-related travel restrictions, AMBICO addressed challenges with innovative techniques and precision adjustments. The result? Doors that seamlessly integrated into the courthouse, meeting rigorous sound performance, HVAC, and security standards.

Case Study: Cadillac Place

Explore the restoration of Detroit’s historic Cadillac Place, an iconic Neoclassical landmark from 1923. AMBICO Limited overcame the challenge of preserving its architectural integrity while upgrading doors for modern safety and accessibility. Meticulously crafting bronze cladding and integrating security glass, AMBICO seamlessly blended 1920s elegance with contemporary functionality.

Case Study: West Point Military Academy

Discover AMBICO’s pivotal role in enhancing the safety and heritage aesthetics of West Point Military Academy’s Davis Barracks. They expertly crafted blast-resistant entrance doors and frames, meeting strict anti-terrorism criteria while preserving the architect’s vision. Our ingenious design concealed blast structures, resulting in an award-winning solution that harmoniously blends history and safety.

Case Study: East Side Access

Uncover AMBICO’s pivotal role in enhancing safety within New York City’s East Side Access project, crafting 275 pressure-resistant door and frame assemblies for subway tunnel areas of refuge. AMBICO’s expertise ensured assemblies met subway-induced pressure, corrosion resistance, and strict fire standards. With stainless-steel sub-cores and rigorous testing, they secured certification.

Case Study: Victory Building

AMBICO revitalized Winnipeg’s historic Victory Building with precision. Our retrofit project meticulously preserved its art deco essence, restoring entrance doors and frames to meet fire safety standards. Collaborating with key stakeholders, we used bronze materials and custom hardware to replicate the original design, honouring the building’s rich history and aesthetic.

Case Study: The Sir John A MacDonald Building

AMBICO had the privilege of playing a pivotal role in the $1 billion retrofit of Ottawa’s Parliamentary Precinct, notably the revered Sir John A. Macdonald Building. Our historic restoration prowess shone as we delivered bespoke door and frame solutions, including acoustic and bullet-resistant options, seamlessly harmonizing heritage aesthetics with contemporary functionality.