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project details

Client: Johnson County, Kansas
Product Required: Acoustic Door & Frame Assemblies
Client Location: Olathe City, Kansas, United States


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About Project

The Johnson County Courthouse in Kansas underwent a major update, resulting in the construction of an entirely modern courthouse in 2021. Designed by TreanorHL & Fentress Architects and led by JE Dunn, the seven-story building housed 28 courtrooms and numerous offices, featuring state-of-the-art technology. AMBICO, renowned for supplying doors for courthouses, provided 200 high-end, sound-rated doors with a dignified, FSC-approved cherry veneer, meeting the architect’s acoustic standard of STC 50.

Our Client’s Challenge

The client had high expectations for the doors in terms of acoustic performance and aesthetics. The courtroom doors needed to satisfy demanding aesthetic requirements while meeting the STC 50 acoustic rating, which is unusually high for wood veneer doors. However, upon delivery, some doors exhibited a lighter shade than the adjacent paneling due to a difference in staining methods. This posed a significant challenge as the veneer couldn’t be replaced due to the need for grain continuity, and travel restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic prevented on-site rectification.

Our Approach And Solution

To address the color discrepancy, the doors with the greatest color variability were sent back to Ottawa. Despite travel restrictions, AMBICO worked with smartphone photos of the paneling to make precise color adjustments. Through careful experimentation with staining, sanding, and varnishing, our team achieved the desired color consistency. The doors, featuring hardwood edges and meeting ASTM E90 sound performance standards, were successfully installed, seamlessly blending with the surrounding paneling. They passed HVAC and security tests, showcasing AMBICO’s ability to meet client expectations, overcome challenges, and foster a professional relationship built on trust.