Acoustic Steel & Wood Assemblies

Acoustic assemblies are specialized door solution that minimizes sound transmission in environments where precise sound control is needed. Available in wood and steel, these assemblies are suitable solutions for theaters, recording studios, conference rooms, and libraries, creating quieter and more private environments

Attack Resistant Assemblies

Attack-resistant steel doors and frames provide security against forced entry and unauthorized access. They are typically used in schools, high-security facilities such as government buildings, and banks to protect against break-ins and attacks.

Blast & Pressure Resistant Assemblies

Blast and pressure resistant assemblies are engineered to withstand explosive blasts and pressure changes, ensuring optimal safety and protection. They are commonly installed in military bases, industrial sites, and critical infrastructure facilities to safeguard against potential explosions or accidents.

Brass & Bronze Clad Assemblies

Brass and bronze clad doors and windows offer both elegance and durability. They are often employed in upscale commercial buildings, adding a touch of sophistication to the architecture while maintaining structural integrity.

Bullet Resistant Assemblies

Bullet-resistant doors, frames, sliding doors, overhead doors, and windows are designed to protect against firearms and ballistic threats. They are essential in high-security facilities such as banks, government buildings, and embassies.

Flood Resistant Assemblies

Flood-resistant steel doors and frames are vital for commercial buildings in flood-prone areas. They serve as a critical defense against water damage, which, if unaddressed, can inflict devastating business interruptions and substantial losses in inventory and equipment.

Lead Lined Assemblies

Lead-lined doors and frames are commonly used in healthcare environments such as hospitals and laboratories, where radiation shielding is necessary. They provide protection to patients and personnel against radiation exposure when exposed to X-rays and other radiation-emitting equipment.

Oversized Assemblies

Oversized steel doors and frames are designed to accommodate larger openings, often used in industrial and commercial settings where large equipment, vehicles, or machinery must pass through.

Radio Frequency Assemblies

Radio frequency steel doors and frames are engineered to block or attenuate electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). They are essential in sensitive environments such as data centers, laboratories, and military facilities to protect against electronic espionage and interference.

Recessed Panel Assemblies

Recessed panel steel doors and frames feature a distinctive design with panels set into the frame, offering both elegance and functionality. They are commonly used in architectural settings where appearance is a key consideration.

Security Assemblies

Security wood doors with steel frames provide enhanced protection against unauthorized access and are a robust solution for high-risk areas in behavioral health facilities. These doors provide a balance of strength and aesthetics for areas such as patient rooms, washrooms, and cross-corridor openings.

Stainless Steel Assemblies

Stainless steel doors and frames, as well as windows, offer corrosion resistance and durability. They are commonly used in industrial, healthcare, and commercial environments where hygiene and longevity are essential.

Tornado Resistant Assemblies

Tornado-resistant doors and frames are designed to withstand the destructive forces of tornadoes. They are used in tornado-prone regions to protect occupants and property during severe storms.