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General Description: 

AMBICO Bullet Resistant Wood Door & Frame Assemblies offer the perfect combination of ballistic security and the timeless beauty of wood. Designed to resemble standard door and frame products, these assemblies provide discreet protection against ballistic threats without compromising on aesthetics.

AMBICO’s Bullet Resistant Wood Door & Frame Assemblies seamlessly integrate into any architectural style, offering a refined and sophisticated appearance. Crafted with precision and utilizing the finest materials, these assemblies provide both security and elegance for a wide range of applications.

Product Details: 

AMBICO’s Bullet Resistant Wood Door & Frame Assemblies excel in both performance and appearance. Here are the key product details:

  • Factory-Installed Bullet Resistant Glazing: Complete your bullet resistant doors with factory-installed bullet resistant glazing for enhanced protection.
  • UL Levels One through Four: Our products provide varying levels of protection against small arms, ranging from Super 38 Automatic to high power rifle attacks (30-06 Rifle), meeting UL Levels One through Four standards.
  • UL Levels Five through Eight: AMBICO fabricates bullet resistant wood door products tested to provide ballistic protection in conformance with UL Levels Five through Eight. These assemblies offer robust security against military assault weapons using armor-piercing ballistics.
  • Conformance with UL 752: All our bullet resistant doors conform to the UL 752 “Standard for Safety for Bullet Resisting Equipment,” ensuring reliable and tested ballistic protection.
  • Wide Range of Face Veneer Options: Choose from a variety of paint grade or stain grade face veneers, allowing you to customize the appearance of your bullet resistant wood doors to suit your design preferences.
  • Standard Thickness: Our bullet resistant doors are available in a uniform thickness of 1 7/8″, providing consistent and reliable ballistic performance.
  • Compatibility with Heavyweight Builders Hardware: Our units have been thoughtfully designed to accept readily available heavyweight builders hardware, ensuring ease of installation and compatibility.

Use Cases: AMBICO’s Bullet Resistant Wood Door & Frame Assemblies find application in various settings where both security and aesthetics are paramount. Here are some key use cases:

  1. Corporate Offices and Commercial Buildings: Enhance security in corporate offices and commercial buildings without compromising on the elegant and professional atmosphere.
  2. High-End Retail Establishments: Create a secure shopping environment in luxury retail stores while maintaining a stylish and welcoming ambiance.
  3. Government Buildings and Embassies: Protect personnel and sensitive information in government facilities and embassies with the discreet security of bullet resistant wood doors.
  4. Historical and Cultural Sites: Preserve the architectural integrity and historical significance of museums, art galleries, and cultural institutions while ensuring protection against potential threats.

Experience the perfect balance of security and sophistication with AMBICO Bullet Resistant Wood Door & Frame Assemblies. Trust in our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship, superior performance, and the highest standards of ballistic protection.

Bullet Resistant Level 1-3, Door Non-Fire Rated SPEC. View PDF | Download DOC
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Bullet Resistant Level 4-8 Door Non-Fire Rated SPEC. View PDF | Download DOC
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BR Level 1 to 3 Frame Non-Fire Rated SPEC. View PDF | Download DOC
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BR Level 4 to 8 Frame Non-Fire Rated SPEC. View PDF | Download DOC
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BR Level 1 to 8 Lite Kit SPEC. View PDF | Download DOC
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Bullet resistant doors are subject to the criteria established in the standard UL752. AMBICO wood doors offer eight distinct levels of bullet resistance ranging from small arms 9mm (Level 1) to a 7.62 high powered military assault rifle (Level 8). When selecting an AMBICO bullet resistant door and frame do so with reference to the anticipated threat – please refer to the UL752 Standards Chart. If you are uncertain about your choice ask one of our professional salespeople for advice or e-mail us with your query.

AMBICO bullet resistant doors levels 1 through 8 weigh between seven to twenty-one pounds per square foot and operate with readily available heavyweight builders hardware.

  • Cross branded face veneers are available with a diverse selection of paint grade or stain grade options to match your aesthetic requirements (or to match your commodity wood doors).
  • Wood doors are available with custom stain match (to match your commodity wood doors) or clear coat finishes.

Yes – bullet resistant polycarbonate glass is available and may be factory pre-installed. The bullet resistant capacity of the door, frame and glass must be complementary.


Government buildings, army bases, banks, bomb shelters, security barriers, schools and universities, hospital emergency areas, casinos, and anywhere else requiring high security.

AMBICO Bullet Resistant Wood doors are available with steel vision light kit and glass factory installed.


  • AMBICO offers Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).
  • Click here to view AMBICO LEED credits.
  • AMBICO bullet resistant wood doors are available Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.
Man doors are available up to 4’-0” x 10’-0” leaves.