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General Description: 

AMBICO radio frequency (RF) doors and frames are specialized products that minimize the transmission of electromagnetic energy that is transmitted across an opening. RF doors and frame assemblies offer reliable protection against electromagnetic interference in environments that contain sensitive equipment or confidential information. RF applications include government facilities, healthcare institutions, research laboratories, data centers, and industrial settings.

Product Details:

  • Performance Specifications: Radio Frequency door and frame performance can be specified as a particular attenuation at a particular frequency (i.e. 40 dB at 1GHz), as a consistent attenuation across a band of frequencies (i.e. 25dB from 400Mhz through 10GHz), or as varying attenuation across a band of frequencies (i.e. 25dB at 200Mhz, 35dB at 800MHz, 40db at 1.2GHz). 
  • Hardware and Gasketing: Assemblies are provided complete with RF gasketing that is essential to product performance in the field. Materials can be provided in mild steel or stainless steel formats to meet the widest variety of applications.
  • Performance Tested: AMBICO Radio Frequency Door and Frame Assemblies have been tested in accordance with IEEE 299testing procedures to ensure the effectiveness of the shielding. 
  • IEEE 299 testing currently stands as the international testing standard for all Radio-Frequency shield products. 

Use Cases and Applications 

  • Government and Military/Defense Organizations: Government and military facilities such as command centers, data centers, private offices, and conference halls, often contain sensitive digital information prone to cyber espionage. AMBICO Radio Frequency Doors and Frames can offer reliable defense against digital threats and ensure security in these critical environments.
  • Telecommunication Industries: The telecommunication industry heavily relies on signal transmission, making Radio Frequency Shielding crucial for maintaining signal integrity and preventing interferences. Telecommunication equipment rooms, data centers, server rooms, and network operation centers are particularly susceptible to disruptive electromagnetic interference. Radio Frequency Doors and Frames provide the necessary protection and ensure uninterrupted operation in these facilities.
  • Aerospace Industries: Radio Frequency Doors and Frames are crucial for optimal communication performance in the aerospace industry. Communication centers and air traffic control stations require secure communication with minimal electromagnetic interference for reliable and uninterrupted operations.
  • Healthcare facilities: Imaging and radiology departments, testing laboratories, research facilities, and operating rooms in medical institutions house medical equipment sensitive to electromagnetic interference. Electromagnetic disruptions from phones and other devices can compromise the accuracy of the equipment readings and lead to misdiagnosis. Radio Frequency Doors and Frames provide the necessary shielding against interference, creating a secure space for safe medical practices.

Our industry-leading products provide exceptional shielding against electromagnetic interference, ensuring secure and uninterrupted communication in critical environments. For personalized service and detailed information, contact us today and experience the next level of RF protection for your facilities.

Atco Newell Converter Station

Newell County, AB CAN

Bottom Brook Converter Station

St. Georges Bay, NL CAN

Raytheon Computer Lab

Waltham, MA USA

Radio Frequency Door SPEC. View PDF | Download DOC
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Radio Frequency Frame SPEC. View PDF | Download DOC
CAD. View PDF | Download DWG
STC 50 AND 40dB RF-Shielded Door SPEC. View PDF | Download DOC
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STC 50 AND 40dB RF-Shielded Frame SPEC. View PDF | Download DOC
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The relationship between the door, seal and frame is absolutely critical and the presence of finish paint between the seal and the door face can pose a serious problem. In short, the presence of finish paint can create a barrier between the various parts of the assembly. The matter can be addressed in one of three ways: the use of an unpainted door face such as stainless steel, the absence of paint on a mild steel door face, the use of RF tape that can be applied to the door face where it contacts the perimeter seal.

Yes, different makes/models of hardware can profoundly affect the product’s performance. As well, perimeter and bottom seals are an integral part of an RF-Shielding door assembly’s performance and must be supplied as per the performance requirements and configurations tested by AMBICO. In the common case of acoustic performance being specified with radio frequency reduction, the seal system can be modified accordingly. The project hardware consultant should always coordinate closely with AMBICO.

RF-Shielding door assemblies are commonly used to a) shield sensitive electronic equipment from interference generated by equipment in adjacent areas of a building, b) prevent electronic eavesdropping in high-security areas.