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AMBICO Corporate Brochure

Discover excellence in specialty door, frame, and window assemblies with AMBICO. Our high-performance products adorn iconic buildings worldwide, offering custom-built, engineered, and decorative solutions. Explore our story of craftsmanship and our exceptional line of offerings.

Acoustic Steel Brochure

Enhance sound control in your spaces with AMBICO’s Acoustic Steel Door & Frame Assemblies. Ideal for noise reduction in concert halls, machine rooms, testing facilities, office buildings, schools, confidential meeting rooms, and interrogation rooms, our acoustic steel doors and frames offer reliable performance.

Acoustic Wood Brochure

Our industry-leading acoustic wood door and steel frame assemblies offer a wide range of STC ratings, providing exceptional sound control. With custom finishes and a variety of veneer options, these doors are both aesthetically pleasing and high-performing.

Anti-Barricade Security Wood Doors & Steel Frames

In response to the need for robust solutions in high-risk areas like patient rooms, AMBICO has developed an innovative door system. Combining a proprietary steel structural door core with hardwood door edges and veneer finish, these doors offer the strength of steel with the aesthetic appeal of wood. The assembly has been tested and approved by the New York State Office of Mental Health and meets patient safety standards.

Bullet Resistant Steel Door & Frame Assemblies

Introducing our cutting-edge Bullet Resistant Steel Door & Frame assemblies, designed to safeguard your most critical spaces without compromising on aesthetics. At AMBICO, we understand the importance of security in government buildings, military bases, banks, and more. Our doors offer unparalleled protection against ballistic threats while seamlessly blending with the surrounding environment.

Bullet Resistant Wood Door & Steel Frame Assemblies

The ultimate solution for security and style: Bullet Resistant Wood Door & Steel Frame assemblies. These assemblies offer unmatched ballistic protection while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of standard commercial wood doors. With a wide range of customizable options, including paint grade or stain grade finishes and matching hardwood details, our doors seamlessly blend into any environment.

Blast Resistant Doors & Frames

AMBICO Blast Resistant Doors & Frames: Unmatched Protection for Military and Industrial Applications. Compliant with DoD and UFC 4-010-01 standards, our products deliver superior blast resistance. Backed by extensive research and collaboration with esteemed institutions like the University of Ottawa, we offer a diverse range of tested and analyzed solutions. Our engineering expertise enables us to customize configurations for specific project needs, ensuring lightweight and cost-effective options while prioritizing safety. 

Healthcare Brochure

Tailored Solutions for Enhanced Healthcare Settings. With over six decades of expertise, AMBICO understands the unique challenges faced in healthcare facilities. Our performance-leading door and frame products address the evolving needs of increased security, patient privacy, noise reduction, radiation containment, and interference control.

Resilient Design

Discover Resilient Design in Doors, Frames & Windows by AMBICO. Explore our comprehensive solutions for challenging environments. From flood resistance to tornado and blast protection, bullet resistance, and attack prevention, our tested and certified products prioritize safety and resilience.

Radio Frequency

Our RF Door and Frame Assemblies offer robust shielding against electromagnetic interference. These specialized solutions are designed for environments that house RF-sensitive equipment or confidential information. Learn more about the applications and unique specifications of AMBICO RF Doors.

Stainless Steel

Meet functionality and aesthetics in one with AMBICO Stainless Steel Doors, Frames & Windows. With anti-corrosive properties and easy sanitation qualities, stainless steel doors are an ideal choice for healthcare and decorative applications. Discover our wide range of options in finishes, materials, and colors.”

Tornado Steel

With the increasing frequency of destructive tornadoes, it’s crucial to prioritize life safety and protection. Our products meet FEMA P-361 criteria and are tested to ICC-500 standards for wind load resistance and debris impact.

Tornado Wood

Tornadoes pose a significant risk to lives and properties, but with our comprehensive solutions, you can stay one step ahead. Learn about FEMA-supported guidelines, ICC-500 tested openings, and the perfect fusion of strength and elegance in our wood doors.