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General Description: 

Welcome to, where security meets functionality. Our Blast & Pressure Resistant Sliding Doors offer the perfect combination of blast and air pressure resistance while maintaining the appearance of standard sliding door products. With a focus on protecting personnel and assets, our sliding doors adhere to Unified Facilities Criteria designed to safeguard Department of Defense (DoD) personnel from terrorist attacks. Whether retrofitting existing buildings or constructing new ones, our blast-resistant sliding doors provide the necessary protection to meet minimum blast pressure requirements. Trust in AMBICO for industry-leading blast-resistant solutions.

Product Details: 

AMBICO’s Blast & Pressure Resistant Sliding Doors are engineered to withstand the impact of blasts and air pressure while offering the convenience of sliding functionality. Here are the key product details:

  • Blast and Air Pressure Resistance: Our blast-resistant steel sliding doors are designed to endure the force of explosions and air pressure, ensuring the safety and protection of occupants and assets. These doors have undergone rigorous testing by independent laboratories, complying with the most up-to-date blast resistance test standards, including shocktube and open arena testing as per ASTM-F2927 and ASTM F2247.
  • Full Engineering Capability: With full engineering capability, we can design and manufacture blast-resistant sliding doors to meet the most demanding safety requirements. Our expertise, combined with collaboration with industry leaders such as BakerRisk and ABS Consulting, ensures reliable and high-performance blast-resistant door solutions.
  • Electronic Operators and Blast-Resistant Accessories: Our blast-resistant sliding doors can be equipped with electronic operators complete with blast-resistant electrical accessories. This ensures seamless operation and enhances the overall functionality and convenience of the door system. Units are supplied with all perimeter blast-resistant brackets and all operable hardware, providing a comprehensive solution.

Use Cases: 

AMBICO’s Blast & Pressure Resistant Sliding Doors find valuable applications in various scenarios where blast protection is essential. Here are some key use cases:

  1. Government Facilities and Military Installations: Our blast-resistant sliding doors are ideal for protecting government facilities and military installations, including command centers, communication facilities, and secure areas. These doors ensure the safety of personnel and critical assets in the event of an explosion or terrorist attack.
  2. Industrial Projects: In industrial settings, such as refineries, chemical plants, or manufacturing facilities, blast protection is essential. Our blast-resistant sliding doors provide a reliable solution for safeguarding personnel and equipment from potential blasts or explosions, ensuring operational continuity and worker safety.
  3. Critical Infrastructure Facilities: Safeguard critical infrastructure facilities, such as power plants, water treatment plants, and transportation hubs, with AMBICO’s Blast & Pressure Resistant Sliding Doors. These facilities play a vital role in the functioning of society, and their protection is of utmost importance. Our blast-resistant sliding doors provide the necessary defense against explosions and air pressure, ensuring the safety of personnel and the uninterrupted operation of critical infrastructure. 

Experience the unmatched security and durability of AMBICO Blast & Pressure Resistant Sliding Doors. Trust in our industry-leading products and expertise to provide reliable blast-resistant solutions for your projects. For further details and personalized service, contact us today.

AMBICO sliding blast resistant steel doors combine blast and air pressure resistance with the appearance of standard sliding door products. AMBICO blast resistant products have been laboratory tested and are independently certified by professional engineers.

Door hardware has been specifically designed and tested to form an integral part of AMBICO blast resistant units. When the door is under pressure in the unseated position the entire assembly can be subject to severe structural loads.

We recognize that blast resistant sliding doors are a highly specialized product. AMBICO engineers look forward to working with AEC (Architectural/Engineering/Construction)  professionals to provide a detailed specification prior to tender in order to meet the demands associated with unique project applications.

AMBICO has extensive experience with installation of these products. On request, AMBICO provides a lead-hand from the factory to work closely with local installation forces to review the scope of work at the site, to assist with the layout of the materials and to troubleshoot at the close-out of the project.

Blast events are defined by two distinct phases-an initial phase where the full amount of the explosive pressure specified is loaded onto the assembly and a second phase which is also known as the “rebound” pressure where the initial blast pressure dissipates to the ambient pressure immediately prior to the blast event. The extent of the blast pressure during the rebound phase is expressed as percentage of the initial blast pressure. This figure ranges from zero percent to one hundred percent. When a 100% rebound load is specified the door assembly must withstand the full load of the blast in both directions. When the rebound load is 0% the door assembly must withstand the blast load in the initial phase only.