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General Description: 

AMBICO Attack Resistant Steel Door & Frame Assemblies are specifically designed to prevent an active shooter from entering a building during a ballistic and forced entry attack. These advanced assemblies serve as a low-cost alternative to other security doors and frames, providing valuable time for teachers, security guards, employees, residents, and occupants to react until first responders arrive.

Our Attack Resistant Assemblies are strategically designed to thwart the intruder’s entry into the facility and restrict access to other areas of the school or public building. Primarily focused on protecting students, teaching faculty in K-12 and university environments, as well as businesses and public buildings, these doors are equipped with resilient vision lite kits and glazing that can withstand ballistic and physical attacks.

Product Details:

Key Features of AMBICO Attack Resistant Steel Door & Frame Assemblies:

  • Recommended by the National Association of State Fire Marshals, our school doors are equipped with locks that can be secured from inside the room, enhancing occupant safety by considering the entire door opening.
  • The Attack Resistant Door Opening Solution seamlessly blends into the overall design of the school or building, creating a calm and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.
  • Undergoes rigorous testing based on UL 752 Level 7 and ASTM F476 standards, modified in accordance with recommendations from law enforcement, Homeland Security, and active shooter subject matter experts.
    • Modified UL 752 Level 7 test includes 10 rounds of AR15 .223 with specific shot patterns, designed to prevent attackers from gaining entry into the space, while not completely preventing penetration of ballistic materials.
    • Modified ASTM F476 test employs high potential energy levels, achieving Class 5 performance equivalent to 150 ft-lbf or 203J. Failure is identified by breach in the door opening or the passage of a 3″ sphere through the opening.

Choose AMBICO Attack Resistant Steel Door & Frame Assemblies to enhance security and safety in educational institutions and public buildings, backed by rigorous testing and compliance with industry standards.

Use Cases and Applications:

AMBICO Attack Resistant Steel Door & Frame Assemblies find critical use cases and applications in various settings, including:

  1. Educational Institutions: Protecting students, teaching faculty, and staff in K-12 schools and universities is a top priority. Our Attack Resistant Assemblies provide enhanced security measures to mitigate the risk of active shooter incidents and buy crucial time for responders to arrive.

  2. Commercial and Public Buildings: Businesses and public buildings face the threat of forced entry and violence. By installing our Attack Resistant Assemblies, these establishments can create a secure environment, safeguarding employees, residents, and occupants from potential harm.

  3. Government and Municipal Facilities: Government offices, courthouses, and municipal buildings require reliable security measures to protect personnel and citizens. Our Attack Resistant Assemblies provide an effective defence against active shooter incidents, ensuring the safety of government employees and the public.

  4. Healthcare Facilities: Healthcare facilities, including hospitals and clinics, must maintain a secure environment for patients, staff, and visitors. Our Attack Resistant Steel Door & Frame Assemblies are designed to reinforce security and protect against active shooter incidents in healthcare settings.

Experience the uncompromising security and enhanced safety provided by AMBICO Attack Resistant Steel Door & Frame Assemblies in these critical applications.

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Education facilities (K to 12 and post-secondary), religious institutions, any other building (public or private) where threat of active shooter may occur.

No, although many applications may have need for access control or special locking features.

This product is meant for man door applications, but the tested size option (36”x84”) will be the maximum permitted, with singles only allowed and in the outswing configuration. The maximum lite kit size will again be the one tested (24”x36”) with anything smaller permitted.

Yes. In fact, it is very common for these opening to require vision lites for other safety and security reasons. The glass is also part of the tested assembly and would be furnished with the door.