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General Description: 

AMBICO’s Acoustic Steel Sliding Door and Frame Assemblies offer an outstanding solution for reducing sound transmission in environments where precise sound control is needed. Today, sound control applications are becoming increasingly popular in the entertainment, healthcare, manufacturing, government, military, and education industries. AMBICO’s sliding acoustic steel doors offer exceptional sound transmission loss without compromising the visual appeal of standard sliding door products.

Product Details:

  • Acoustic Performance: Acoustic Steel Sliding Doors are available in STC ratings 33 to 56. Door thickness varies depending on the acoustic rating and the size of the opening. STC (sound Transmission Class) is the rating system used to measure the performance of an acoustic product. A higher STC rating indicates a greater reduction in noise transmission.
  • Hardware and gasketing: Units are supplied complete with a perimeter gasketing system and all operable hardware. Electric operators are also available.
  • Compliance and Certification: All AMBICO Acoustic product assemblies comply with the latest ASTM-90 and E-413 standards. 
  • ASTM-90 is the standard test method for laboratory measurement of airborne sound transmission loss in building partitions, including doors, windows, walls, and other elements used to divide spaces.
  • E-413 is a standard classification method used to calculate single-number acoustical ratings for laboratory 

Choose AMBICO Acoustic Steel Sliding Doors and Frames for enhanced speech privacy and sound reduction, suitable for all industry needs. Our products are backed by rigorous testing and compliance with up-to-date standards. Contact us today for more information.

Use Cases and Applications 

AMBICO acoustic assemblies are ideally suited for noise reduction, privacy protection, and sound control applications. With a wide range of STC ratings available, our acoustic assemblies are suitable solutions for the following applications: 

  • Music and Entertainment Applications: Environments focused on music or audio experiences, including recording studios, concert venues, theaters, and broadcasting studios, demand exceptional sound attenuation to preserve sound quality and minimize sound transmission from adjacent rooms and corridors. Our Acoustic Steel Sliding Doors and Frames are designed to assist in achieving the desired sound quality while effectively preventing unwanted external noise disruptions.
  • Academic Setting: Classrooms, libraries, music rooms, and gymnasiums in schools, universities, and colleges all require effective noise control measures to prevent sound disruptions that can impact student stress levels, knowledge absorption, and physical well-being. Acoustic Steel Sliding Doors and Frames are specifically designed to mitigate these negative effects by isolating classrooms and creating a conducive learning environment for students and academic staff.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Hospitals, clinics, and rehabilitation centers highly prioritize privacy and confidentiality. Our Acoustic Steel Sliding Doors and Frames provide an optimal solution for enhanced privacy. They enable secure and confidential conversations between patients and healthcare providers, as well as facilitate a secure environment for critical healthcare training.
  • Manufacturing & testing facilities: Noise control can greatly impact employee safety, performance, and success in industrial factories and testing facilities. Acoustic Steel Sliding Doors and Frames create sound-controlled work environments promoting concentration and productivity. 

Government and Military Organizations:

Governments and military entities are among the largest users of acoustic doors. From training facilities and interrogation rooms to conference halls, command centers, and military bases, effective sound control is crucial in these organizations. Our Acoustic Steel Sliding Doors and Frames provide the high level of speech privacy and sound control required in these information-sensitive environments.

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STC stands for “sound transmission class”. It represents a method of measuring sound transmission loss through a barrier ie. a door or a wall. The higher the STC rating the better the sound deadening property of the door. AMBICO provides acoustic sliding doors based on overall size in differing door thicknesses ranging from 1 3/4″ thick door to 6” thick doors.  Acoustic ratings are available from STC 33 to STC 56. Let us help you select an acoustic product that will meet your project requirements.

Perimeter seals, bottom seals and thresholds are always supplied as they are integral to the sound deadening properties of the door/frame unit. Heavy duty sliding door hardware including track, brackets, hangers, guides, acoustic perimeter seals, threshold and valance are supplied loose for site installation. Electric operator and safety devices are readily available options. While detailed written installation instructions are supplied with the door, installation supervision to assist with the correct installation and function of the door assembly is available when required. Electric operators should be considered when door panels weigh in excess of 350 lbs.

No, fire-rated acoustic steel sliding doors are not available from the manufacturer. If fire rating is required, this can be achieved by adding a rolling fire shutter or through the use of a fire suppressant system.

AMBICO has a wide variety of tested glazed acoustic doors that have achieved STC 55. Glazing material must be factory pre-installed.

AMBICO sliding door systems are face of wall mount systems, but walls can be built around them to create pocket door conditions.  Additionally, bi-part door configurations are available in varying sizes and STC ratings.  For any of these configurations factory consultation is recommended at the design stage of the project.