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General Description: 

AMBICO Lead Lined Steel Doors & Frames provide the perfect combination of radiation protection and the appearance of standard hollow metal products. With a full range of fire-rated and non-fire-rated options available in both mild steel and stainless steel, we offer the utmost protection without compromising on aesthetics.

Product Details:
AMBICO’s Lead Lined Doors & Frames are meticulously engineered to provide superior radiation shielding and durability. Here are the key product details:

  • Radiation Protection: Our lead lined steel doors and frames are designed to offer optimal radiation protection in environments such as hospitals and health clinics. They combine the strength and security of steel with the shielding capabilities of lead. The lead lining can be customized in thickness, ranging from 1/64″ to 1″, providing the desired level of radiation protection.
  • Fire Rated Options: We offer a comprehensive range of fire-rated products that have been tested and certified in accordance with NFPA-80 standards. Our fire labelled doors and frames provide an additional layer of safety and comply with rigorous fire resistance requirements.
  • Material Options: Our Lead Lined Steel Doors & Frames are available in both mild steel and stainless steel variants, allowing you to choose the material that best suits your project’s needs. Whether you require enhanced corrosion resistance or specific aesthetic preferences, we have the solution.
  • Versatile Applications: These doors and frames find valuable applications in a wide range of settings. They are particularly suitable for environments where radiation protection is crucial, such as hospitals, radiology departments, and industrial facilities utilizing X-ray technology. Both swinging and sliding doors can be incorporated based on specific requirements.

Use Cases: 

AMBICO’s Lead Lined Steel Doors & Frames offer essential radiation protection and security in various applications. Here are some key use cases:

  1. Medical Facilities: Install our lead lined doors and frames in hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities where radiation shielding is vital. These doors provide a secure environment for patients, healthcare professionals, and sensitive medical equipment.
  2. Industrial Applications: Use our lead lined doors and frames in industries such as aeronautics, where X-ray technology plays a crucial role in the manufacturing process. These doors ensure the safety of personnel while maintaining productivity and efficiency.
  3. Research Facilities: Safeguard research facilities, laboratories, and testing centers where radiation exposure is a concern. Our lead lined doors and frames provide the necessary protection for researchers, scientists, and sensitive equipment.

The perfect fusion of radiation protection, durability, and aesthetic appeal with AMBICO Lead Lined Steel Doors & Frames. Trust in our commitment to superior craftsmanship, certified fire resistance, and unmatched security for your specialized needs.

Montfort Hospital

Ottawa, ON CAN

Collins Bay Institution

Kingston, ON CAN

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Radiation shielding complies with all applicable requirements of National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) Report No. 147. In addition to compliance with NCRP Report No. 147, AMBICO lead-lined doors are customized to each environment they are installed in. The room must have a predetermined thickness of lead in the walls, doors, and windows.

AMBICO lead-lined doors are available with a vision light (window). Glass must match the radiation performance protection of the door. The vision like kit (window) is typically supplied and factory installed by the door manufacturer and the glass is typically supplied and field installed by others.

AMBICO makes a variety of door assemblies with custom lead-linings. Man door and oversized swing doors are available in both singles and pairs.   As well face of wall mount sliding doors are readily available in a variety of sizes and configurations.

AMBICO offers spec, CAD, and BIM files for viewing or editing. In the Specs, CADs, & BIMs tab, you can access specs to view or download and edit, CAD files are available in PDF or DWG format, and BIMs can be accessed as a PDF or in Revit.

Although not often requested, our lead-lined doors can meet acoustic performance requirements when necessary.  If you desire a combination lead lined (for radiation protection) and acoustic (for noise protection) this is available.  Consult factory for specification and construction details.