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General Description: 

AMBICO Bullet Resistant Sliding Steel Door & Frame Assemblies provide robust protection against ballistic threats while maintaining the appearance and function of conventional vertical lift sectional door products. Designed to meet the highest safety standards, these assemblies offer a seamless integration of security and practicality.

AMBICO’s Bullet Resistant Sliding Steel Door & Frame Assemblies are engineered with precision, combining bulletproof performance with the reliability and efficiency of overhead doors. With our complete range of bullet resistant doors, you can safeguard your premises without compromising on aesthetics or accessibility.

Product Details:

AMBICO’s Bullet Resistant Sliding Steel Door & Frame Assemblies excel in both performance and functionality. Here are the key product details:

  • Comprehensive Hardware and Systems: Our complete packages include rugged hardware, counterbalance systems, electric operators, and safety devices, ensuring a fully equipped solution.
  • Custom Engineering Capability: We offer full engineering capability to design and manufacture bullet resistant overhead door and hardware assemblies that meet the specific safety requirements of end-users.
  • Global Installation Support: Our dedicated factory personnel are available on-demand to oversee product installation anywhere in the world, providing comprehensive support throughout the process.
  • UL Levels One to Eight: Our Bullet Resistant Sliding Steel Door & Frame Assemblies are available in a range of UL levels to cater to various security needs. These levels include protection against small arms, such as Super 38 Automatic, .357 Magnum Revolver, .44 Magnum Revolver, high power rifle attacks (30-06 Rifle), and military assault weapons using armor-piercing ballistics.

Use Cases: AMBICO’s Bullet Resistant Sliding Steel Door & Frame Assemblies find valuable applications in a variety of settings. Here are some key use cases:

  1. Government Facilities and Military Installations: Protect critical infrastructure, equipment, and personnel in government buildings, military bases, and defense facilities using the enhanced security provided by our bullet resistant sliding doors.
  2. Industrial and Warehouse Spaces: Secure sensitive areas in industrial plants and warehouses where the protection of assets and personnel is essential.
  3. Commercial and Retail Spaces: Enhance security in commercial buildings, retail establishments, and high-value stores, safeguarding employees, customers, and valuable assets from potential threats.

Experience the seamless integration of cutting-edge security and practicality with AMBICO Bullet Resistant Sliding Steel Door & Frame Assemblies. Trust in our commitment to superior craftsmanship, rigorous engineering, and unmatched protection against ballistic threats.

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Bullet resistant doors are subject to the criteria established in the standard UL752. Ten distinct levels of bullet resistance are established ranging from a small arms 9mm handgun (Level 1) to a 7.62 high powered military assault rifle (Level 10). When selecting an AMBICO bullet resistant door and frame do so with reference to the anticipated threat – please refer to the UL752 Standards Chart. If you are uncertain about your choice, ask one of our professional salespeople for advice or e-mail us with your query.

AMBICO includes all track, pulleys, guides, counterbalance and valances. Electric operators with safety devices and actuators are included.


Government buildings, army bases, bomb shelters, security barriers, laboratories or test cells, and anywhere else requiring high security.

Sliding doors are available in excess of 15’-0” x 20’-0” leaves, consult factory for details.