Case Study: Cadillac Place

Impressive and imposing, Cadillac Place dominates a full city block in central Detroit. Formerly known as the General Motors Building, the Cadillac Place was renamed after the french founder of Detroit, Antoine Laumet De La Mothe, Sieur De Cadillac. Today, it’s the destination for more than 2,000 State of Michigan employees, who swarm in and out of its noble bronze doors each weekday.

In 2017, AMBICO Limited was approached to lend its expertise to an ambitious plan to replace the original solid bronze doors, now worn and failing after close to century of use, with modern door and frame assemblies that would meet today’s stringent building codes while still respecting the aesthetic of the venerable building.

Restoring the Cadillac Place to its inspirational appearance required AMBICO to pull from the wealth of experience in retrofitting and restoration. Read about the painstaking process in a case study featured in DHI Magazine.

Please click on the PDF icon to read the full case study.

Photo © Ken Lund

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