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project details

Client: U.S. Military Academy at West Point
Project Start: 2016
Product Required: Blast Resistant Doors & Frame Assemblies
Client Location: West Point, New York, USA


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About Project

The Davis Barracks at West Point Military Academy is a new six-story building designed to house 650 cadets while respecting the academy’s status as a National Historic Landmark. The project required a blast-resistant entrance door and frame assembly to ensure the safety of the cadets in case of emergencies. AMBICO Limited, a company experienced in working with the U.S. military, was involved in the early stages of the project and collaborated closely with the project architect.

Our Client’s Challenge

The challenge for AMBICO was to design and fabricate a blast-resistant door and frame assembly that met the government’s stringent anti-terrorism/force protection blast criteria. The entranceway, designed in a military gothic style, featured intricate details and a large size, making it technically challenging to create a structurally sound door while maintaining the architect’s design vision. The team had to fit blast-resistant structures inside the door panels and ensure precise curvature of the outer arch to match the structural wall.

Our Approach And Solution

AMBICO’s engineers and technicians worked diligently to meet the project’s requirements. They prototyped the door panels to match the architect’s design while meeting blast standards. The large frame was fabricated in two mirrored sections, assembled on-site, and anchored into a reinforced poured concrete wall. The blast frame, crucial for withstanding pressure surges, was hidden from view, giving the appearance of a simple door in an attractive stone façade. The engineering staff calculated the appropriate supporting structures to retain the eight glass panels, ensuring they could withstand blast loads.

A Job Well Done:

AMBICO’s contribution to the Davis Barracks project earned recognition and awards, including two for engineering excellence from the American Council of Engineering Companies. With their expertise and experience, AMBICO successfully delivered a door and frame assembly that embodies West Point’s military history while prioritizing the safety of the cadets.