AMBICO Oversized Doors: Open the Door to Grand Possibilities

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In the world of architecture, design, and industrial infrastructure, doors serve as more than just a functional barrier; they are entryways to grand possibilities. In this blog, we delve into the world of possibilities with AMBICO Oversized Door and Frame Assemblies, where size, strength, and functionality converge to create grand openings like no other. Focusing on AMBICO’s regular oversized steel doors, we will explore what defines them, their structural composition, applications, and delivery. This blog is the first of the oversized doors blog series, dedicated to unraveling the innovations behind the various types of oversized doors and frames available at AMBICO.

Let’s start with the obvious question in mind: What are AMBICO Oversized Doors? As the name suggests, these doors are large-scale hollow metal doors engineered to accommodate unconventionally large openings. Their distinctiveness lies in their ability to overcome the limitations of standard door sizes without compromising functionality and accessibility, making oversized doors a perfect fit for industrial, institutional, and government/military settings where size and function go beyond convention.

AMBICO categorizes door leaves that exceed 4’6″ in width and/or 10’0″ in height as oversized doors. Generally, when oversized door orders exceed 5’0” in width and/or 10’0” in height, we consider making the doors in panels with splice joints for the purpose of smooth transportation and site access to the opening, where they will be field assembled. In other words, doors can be manufactured in smaller pieces that are designed to be assembled on the jobsite.

What is the structural make up on the doors?

The core of AMBICO regular oversized doors is made up of structural steel stiffened and insulated door cores assembled to maintain tight tolerances and limit rack or twist, ensuring their fit and function even in the largest or most demanding applications.

What truly sets these doors apart is the engineering and core design that allows the door sections to come together in the field, providing a finished product that serves its purpose effectively to meet with the design intent of the project. Where required, AMBICO supplies robust hardware that supports the heavier door weight and fulfills the functional requirements of even the most demanding applications.


These oversized doors and frame assemblies are manufactured with precision and flexibility, making these doors a versatile choice for a wide range of applications. Here are some common instances where the demand for such doors is notable:

Industrial Facilities: Manufacturing plants, warehouses, storage facilities, and distribution centers often feature oversized doors. These industrial spaces require efficient access for the loading and unloading of heavy machinery, materials, and oversized items.  These openings may include doors with monorail cutouts and/or doors with integrated man doors. 

Event Venues & Entertainment Industry: In the world of entertainment, from stadiums and arenas to film studios, concert halls, and theaters, oversized doors are a functional necessity. They offer easy access for large stage sets, equipment, and props, contributing to the seamless flow of events.

Military Applications: Military bases benefit from the versatility of AMBICO Oversized Steel Doors. They offer access to large vehicles, equipment, and storage solutions, while ensuring enhanced security and durability.

Whether for expansive commercial developments, innovative architectural designs, or unique project requirements, AMBICO oversized doors offer a customizable and reliable option for any application. Additionally, these doors and frames can offer fire ratings, as well as other performance ratings such as acoustic, ballistic, and blast, to name a few. We will discuss performance rated oversized doors in depth in future blog posts in this series.

Getting the doors from order to completion:

While oversized doors symbolize grandeur, their successful delivery and installation rely on a structured transportation to assembly process. Depending on the project’s specifications, door dimensions, transportation logistics, and jobsite facilities, AMBICO Oversized doors are manufactured either in single door leaves or created in sections for finish assembly on-site.

To elaborate, prior to initiating the manufacturing process, we conduct a careful assessment of the jobsite’s capacity to receive a full-sized door versus doors in sections.  As well as consider shipping size limits to fully determine the best option for supplying the doors to the jobsite.

The manufacturing, shipping, and assembly procedures vary for every project. Our engineering team closely collaborates with our project managers to effectively communicate this process, aligning it with the unique needs of the project.  Where required, specific opening installation instructions are provided to ensure the successful completion of the finished product installed on the jobsite.

AMBICO Oversized Doors inherently offer the flexibility to meet the unique applications and functional demands of oversized door openings in industrial, institutional, and military/government facilities.

With decades of experience, we’ve perfected a seamlessly organized process from manufacturing to delivery to assembly, ensuring optimal performance for every project. Supported by our in-house engineers, we view every project as a new and unique challenge. We look forward to collaborating with you on your next oversized door challenge. For more details on AMBICO Oversized Door and Frame Assemblies visit Ambico Oversized Steel Doors & Frames,