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AMBICO flood resistant door and frame assemblies withstand hydrostatic pressure and include robust seal systems capable of minimizing water leakage. Assemblies are supplied in galvanized steel or stainless steel which offers extended life or for use in corrosive environments.

Custom engineered solutions are available for debris impact resistance based on project-specific requirements.

Common applications include exterior outswing doors where water seats the door into the frame. Solutions are also available for unseated applications.

Assemblies include customized anchor solutions to ensure the integrity of the frame installation. Solutions are available that include 4-sided frames or ADA-compliant bumper or saddle thresholds

In applications where doors are seated into the frame, the standard builder’s hardware can be used. In applications where doors are unseated, special hinges and latching hardware may be required; in these cases, the specialty hardware is supplied by AMBICO.

Photograph: Extensive flooding from Tropical Storm Harvey in southeast Texas on Aug. 31, 2017. Air National Guard.

What is passive flood protection?
Passive flood protection protects a building without human intervention. This prevents damage that can occur before active measures can be taken.

Can you explain hydrostatic pressure?
Hydrostatic pressure is the static pressure that water exerts on its surroundings.

What is meant by corrosive environments?
Door and frame assemblies installed in coastal cities have increased exposure to salt in the atmosphere. The presence of salt accelerates the corrosion of exposed, unprotected steel.

Where can flood door and frame assemblies be used?
Flood door and frame assemblies can be used in areas that are inactive floodplains or are prone to flooding for other reasons such as in pump rooms, marinas, water waste treatment facilities, and mechanical and electrical rooms.

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