Security Wood Doors & Steel Frames

The designers of behavioral health facilities have long searched for wood door solutions for high-risk areas such as patient rooms, washrooms and cross-corridor openings. The traditional stave and structural lumber core wood door solutions have not proven robust enough for these types of openings.

As a result, we were contacted by the architects of these facilities and asked to develop a suitable solution: a door that leverages a proprietary steel structural door core encased in hardwood door edges and finished with two-ply veneer and backer faces. The result is a door that has the strength of steel, but with the soft decorative finish of wood.

AMBICO’s Security Wood Door & Steel Frame Assembly has been included in the New York State Office of Mental Health’s Patient Safety Standards, Materials and Systems Guidelines document.

Security Wood Door and Steel Frame products can include Anti-Barricade technology. This can be used for patient room applications to allow staff access to the room should the patient barricade the door. They are also available as components or as complete assemblies including hardware components for turnkey solutions. This includes anti-barricade applications where heavy duty double acting continuous hinge and an anti-barricade wood swing stop system and anti-ligature mortised lock can be furnished with a steel frame and wood door.

Security Wood Door and Steel frames can be available with any veneer species and they can be custom factory stained, clear coat or prime painted for custom paint finish.


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