AMBICO’s Role in Sustainable Construction

It’s no secret that sustainability and green building will continue to play a huge role in the future of the construction industry. As manufacturers move towards more sustainable products and processes, AMBICO continues to evolve to meet not only the needs of our customers, but the needs of the environment. It’s this dedication and responsibility […]

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F5 Tornados vs. Wood Doors: Get Near Absolute Protection

A wood door has never passed ICC 500…until now!  While Twister (Twister) may have been a box office hit that offered adrenaline-fueled storm chasing and grandiose special effects, the truth about tornados is truly devastating. Learn more about AMBICO’s tornado-resistant wood doors below.  What is an F5 Tornado? An average of 1253 tornados occurs every […]

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The Importance of Acoustic Testing for STC Rated Doors

Acoustic testing allows specialized door manufacturers to give their acoustic doors a performance rating, designated as the sound transmission class (STC) rating. Recently, AMBICO set out to design an STC 55 rated Steel door and frame assemblies. Aided by independent testing, we were challenged to refine our Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility compliant door and frame assemblies to […]

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