AMBICO stainless steel doors and frames combine corrosion protection with outstanding design and beauty. A complete range of fire rated and non-fire rated products are readily available, making use of a wide variety of stainless steels. Stock stainless steel doors and frames are ready for immediate shipment.

Fire labelled products have been certified by Underwriters Laboratories and Warnock Hersey International. Fire labelled products may be supplied in singles or in pairs.

Satin finish (#4) is used in a wide variety of architectural and manufacturing environments. Mirror finish (#8) is used when an outstanding polished finish is the primary objective. Mill finish (#2B) is used in industrial applications where corrosion resistance is a primary concern.

Coloured stainless steels are available in satin and mirror finishes. Products are available in a range of stainless alloys including #304 and #316.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Door Specs (.pdf / .doc); CADs (.dwg), (.pdf); BIMs (Double Flush .rfa / .dwg) , (Single Flush .rfa / .dwg) , (Double Vision .rfa / .dwg) , (Single Vision .rfa / .dwg) More Info
Stainless Steel Frame Specs (.pdf / .doc); CADs (.dwg), (.pdf); BIMs (Double Flush .rfa / .dwg) , (Single Flush .rfa / .dwg) , (Double Vision .rfa / .dwg) , (Single Vision .rfa / .dwg) More Info
What is stainless steel?
Stainless steel is defined as a series of steel alloys which include at least 10% chromium. Dozens of stainless steel alloys exist. By far the most common alloy used in door production is #304 which is composed of 18% chromium and 8% nickel. The #316 alloy is used with success in highly chlorinated environments such as public swimming pools or pulp mills and is composed of 16% chromium, 10% nickel, and 3% molybdenum. Contact AMBICO in order to help you to select the stainless alloy most appropriate to your project.

What finishes can be applied to stainless steel?
Three common finishes can be applied to stainless steel alloys. The #2B “mill finish” is an unpolished and hence less expensive product suitable for use in corrosive environments where appearance is unimportant such as industrial applications. The #4 “satin finish” is the most common type of polish suitable for use in a broad variety of applications. This finish is also known as a “32D finish”. The #8 “mirror finish” is suitable for highly decorative environments. This finish is also known architecturally as a “32 finish”.

As well, a range of colored stainless steels are available. The colors include a deep blue, a dark bronze, and bright brass. These colors are chemically bonded to the stainless steel and maintain their color for the life of the product. They are available in mirror or satin finishes. Strip samples of the stainless steel products that are offered by AMBICO are readily available.

AMBICO also offers a variety of patterned finishes which can be embossed, etched or applied to the stainless steel. Send us a drawing, template or physical sample so we can match your unique finish requirements.

Can stainless steel doors and door frames be fire rated?
The fire rating capabilities of a particular manufacturer are limited to those products that have been laboratory tested by that firm. AMBICO’s capabilities in the field of fire rated stainless steel doors and frames are the broadest in the industry. They include single door/door frame units rated to three hours. As well they include pairs of doors rated to ninety minutes. AMBICO is serviced by Warnock Hersey International, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC).

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