Attack Resistant Steel Doors and Frames

Attack Resistant Steel Doors and Frames

As an organization that focuses on manufacturing specialized opening solutions, we devote a significant amount of time and resources on finding new and innovative solutions through our   research and development process. Driving AMBICO’s new product development process is the need for an opening solution in the marketplace based on several architectural, geographical, and societal factors. 

Once a new product need is identified, AMBICO’s engineers brainstorm design ideas based on our extensive knowledge in specialized door design as well as the unique needs and standards applicable to this new product. Preliminary drawings are then created and vetted with the engineering team, management, and the factory.  Prototypes can be created depending on the complexity of the product.  Finally, a sample product is manufactured to be tested to the applicable standards.  

One of the most terrifying and deadliest scenarios schools are facing in America today is an active shooter attack. School districts are required to have their buildings up to fire code, but on average, a person is shot every eight seconds in an active shooter attack. What is being done to keep schools safe from an active shooter?

AMBICO in collaboration with ARMOURED ONE identified the need for Attack resistant steel doors in the marketplace due to repeated active shooter attacks and intrusions at schools, businesses and public buildings across North America. This product offers a cost-effective solution to protect the students, faculty, employees and residents by preventing an active shooter from gaining entry into the building. 

Unlike other ballistic products, this product will not stop a bullet from passing through, but will prevent physical entry during a ballistic and manual forced entry attack. Due to a large number of access points into a school, one of the biggest challenges faced by our engineers is building a product that is reliable, robust and cost effective making it feasible to be installed at a significant number of exterior entry and exit points.

Attack Resistant steel doors are equipped with a variety of features such as glass and latching hardware. These materials are critical to the product’s viability as it determines the product’s final cost and performance. These openings often demand a vision lite and both the glass and the lite kit must be resilient enough to withstand the attack.

The National Association of State Fire Marshals recommend school doors to be equipped with locks that can be secured from inside the room. Because locks can be disengaged by breaking through glass, entire door openings should be considered to enhance occupant safety. 

The shooter attack test method used to evaluate this is based on two recognized test standards (UL 752 Level 7/ ASTM F476) that were modified and combined per recommendations from law enforcement, homeland security, and active shooter subject matter experts.

The test consists of the following parts:

-Modified UL 752 Level 7 using ten rounds of AR15 .223 at a velocity of 3240 ft./sec with eight rounds around an 18″ circle and two shots around a 3″ circle centered on the glass panel, five rounds around the door lock area in a 5″ diameter circle-  

-Modified ASTM F476 using high energy levels, impacting door, glass, and hardware at each energy level twice.

-Failure is established when breach in door opening has occurred or an opening that allows 3” sphere to pass through one side to the other.

The product is a solution that is designed to slow down an attacker using materials within a budget that allows owners to better protect more building occupants (students, employees, etc.) by installing in more openings. 

AMBICO’s attack resistant door solutions are an excellent option to protect students and staff in K-12 and university environments, as well as other public buildings. The doors have been tested with a variety of surfaces and elevations to meet the design intent for multiple projects. We have worked with Armoured One because of their expertise in whole building security, which allows owners to provide safer learning, working, and healing environments.

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