AMBICO bullet resistant wood doors and steel frames combine ballistic security with the appearance of standard door and frame products. Our complete range of bullet resistant doors are readily available and can be furnished with factory installed bullet resistant glazing.

UL Levels One through Three protect against a variety of small arms ranging from Super 38 Automatic through .44 Magnum Revolver. AMBICO offers products that provide UL Level Four protection against high power rifle attack (30-06 Rifle).

AMBICO fabricates bullet resistant wood door products tested to provide ballistic protection in conformance with UL Levels Five through Eight. All products conform with UL 752 “Standard for Safety for Bullet Resisting Equipment”.

Face veneers are available in a wide variety of paint grade or stain grade options. All bullet resistant doors are available 1 7/8″ thick. Units have been designed to accept readily available heavyweight builders hardware.

Bullet Resistant Wood

Bullet Resistant Level 1-4, 6 Door Specs (.pdf / .doc); CADs (.dwg), (.pdf); BIMs (Double Flush .rfa / .dwg) , (Single Flush .rfa / .dwg) More Info
Bullet Resistant Level 1-4, 6 Frame Specs (.pdf / .doc); CADs (.dwg), (.pdf); BIMs (Double Flush .rfa / .dwg) , (Single Flush .rfa / .dwg) More Info
Bullet Resistant Level 1-4, 6 Door with Vision Lite Specs (.pdf / .doc); CADs (.dwg), (.pdf); BIMs (Double Vision .rfa / .dwg) , (Single Vision .rfa / .dwg) More Info
Bullet Resistant Level 1-4, 6 Astragal Specs (.pdf / .doc); CADs (.dwg), (.pdf); BIMs (Double Flush .rfa / .dwg) , (Single Flush .rfa / .dwg) More Info

Can a bullet resistant wood door stop any type of bullet fired at it?
Bullet resistant doors are subject to the criteria established in the document UL 752. Eight distinct “levels” of bullet resistance are established ranging from a small .38 handgun (Level 1) through to a 762 high powered military assault rifle (Level 8). When selecting an AMBICO bullet resistant door and frame do so with reference to the anticipated threat – please refer to Table One. If you are uncertain about your choice ask one of our professional salespeople for advice or e-mail us with your query.

Rating Ammunition Grain g Minimum Velocity Number of shots
fps m/s
Level 1 9mm Full metal copper jacket lead core 124 (8.0) 1,175 (358) 3
Level 2 .357 Magnum jacketed lead soft point 158 (10.2) 1,250 (381) 3
Level 3 .44 Magnum lead semi-wadcutter gas checked 240 (15.6) 1,350 (411) 3
Level 4 .30 caliber Rifle lead core soft point 180 (11.7) 2,540 (774) 1
Level 5 7.62 mm Rifle lead core full metal jacket, military ball 150 (9.7) 2,750 (838) 1
Level 6 9mm full metal copper jacket with lead core 124 (8.0) 1,400 (427) 5
Level 7 5.56 mm Rifle full metal copper jacket with lead core 55 (3.56) 3,080 (939) 5
Level 8 7.62 mm Rifle lead core full metal copper jacket, military ball 150 (9.7) 2,750 (838) 5

g – gram
fps – feet per second
m/s – meters per second

The door must be very heavy. Do I need special hardware with a bullet resistant door?
AMBICO bullet resistant doors weigh approximately fourteen pounds per square foot and operate with readily available heavy weight builders hardware. We recommend that the lockset should be factory supplied. AMBICO has developed bullet resistent hardware to complement the bullet resistant ratings of our doors and door frames.

Can bullet resistant doors and frames be supplied with bullet resistant glazing?
Yes – bullet resistant glass, acrylics and plastics are available and may be factory pre-installed. The bullet resistant capacity of the door, frame and glass must be complementary.

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