External Newsletter Winter 2023 Release

Note from the President:

I’m extremely pleased to introduce our readership to some of the exciting new products that have reached significant milestones in the past quarter. At AMBICO, research and development requires commitment, focus and expertise from both our engineers and production personnel in order to successfully meet the demands of the market, and the requirements of independent labs and certification groups. Initiatives such as these are essential to AMBICO’s strong position in the marketplace. However, resting on our considerable laurels do no justice to the skills of our factory workers, sales and production staff who continue to look for improvements in the built environment to support our customer base. A quick read of the articles contained in this newsletter will provide you with an insight into our business approach. In addition, it will provide you an overview of some of the many projects that are underway at AMBICO. We welcome your interest with anticipation.   

The AMBICO Solution

The AMBICO Solution showcases AMBICO products and the solutions they bring to architectural projects and designs.

Radio - Frequency (RF) Testing

Over the past year, AMBICO’s research and development team was actively working on enhancing our RF door products to increase our rating to a minimum range of 60 dB in the plane wave frequency between 1 mHz – 28 GHz (covering FM radio, TV broadcasting, cell phones, typical Wi-Fi, and short-range Wi-Fi frequency ranges).

The RF prototypes passed significant changes to improve efficiency and performance. Similarly, we also implemented fundamental changes to our RF-Acoustic combination doors to improve RF performance without sacrificing acoustic performance.

As part of our research, we focused on determining the most robust sealing systems as well as the optimal material configuration and construction method. Improving the RF rating without compromising the acoustic performance was not an easy task. However, AMBICO’s R&D team proved they were up to the challenge, as positive results were found during testing.

In order to validate the improved efficiencies and finalize the product offering, the team conducted a series of RF tests. These tests were conducted at Raymond EMC, a local testing center specializing in RF product testing. With their extensive knowledge of high-rated RF products, Raymond EMC helped support AMBICO with actionable development feedback to improve our product’s RF performance.

In the last few months, our engineering team has worked diligently on developing and testing our RF prototypes and we are thrilled to announce its completion. We can now offer a minimum RF performance rating of 60dB through plane wave range 1 mHz through 28 GHz. 

Learn more about our Radio-Frequency doors and frames at https://www.ambico.com/radio-frequency-doors/

Enhanced Acoustic Door Products, New and Better

For several decades we designed our acoustic door assemblies to utilize a sill design that allows the bottom sweep seal to mate to a narrow stile ADA-approved smooth threshold. While this product works exceptionally well acoustically, it demands extremely precise installation due to the tight clearance requirement at the sill. While controlling onsite variations can be tricky, incorporating preventative features into the product design can help support the installation process. Therefore, we redesigned our bottom seal assembly to offer a more forgiving product to sill clearance and installation errors.

The enhanced design now utilizes an adjustable fixed bottom seal in combination with cam lift hinges, which allows for more sill clearance. Cam lift hinges are commonly used in the acoustic industry. It is exceptionally helpful in creating a positive compression seal that helps with acoustic performance while offering more tolerance in installation. The cam lift hinge is a cast stainless steel hinge with a swage that lifts the door slightly as it opens and lowers the door onto the threshold when it is closed, this creates a positive tight compression seal at the sill. Opening force testing has proven that the use of cam lift hinges will permit ADA compliance (ANSI A-117.1) through STC 51 when installed in accordance with our written installation instructions.

While this new method will now be our standard offering, the old design will remain available to designers for those who prefer a level swing door for hardware applications or ADA compliance.

Learn more about our acoustic steel and wood doors and frames at https://www.ambico.com/acoustic-assemblies/

AMBICO Extended Family

AMBICO Extended Family is a quarterly feature focusing on AMBICO rep agencies around the world.

We are pleased to announce the addition of two new agencies to our long-standing team of independent representatives. Dan Godon from the DMG Services and Walter Eggenberger from the Bullard Associates

DMG Group

Dan’s agency has come on board to cover Ontario, Canada, representing AMBICO in all of Ontario east of Kenora and outside the greater Ottawa region. DMG Services is a comprehensive and autonomous manufacturer’s representative agency that promises to provide thorough assistance to our customers and architectural base. Their fundamental value is to bring premium products to the Ontario market and offer top-quality customer service to their customers.

A few words from Dan:

“I began working in the Hardware industry in 1990, predominantly as a Sales Distributor. With over 32 years of experience in the business, I have been able to expand and become a key representative for various manufacturers in addition to being a top Sales Distributor. From my many years of experience, I’ve become an expert in product knowledge, strategic planning, networking, and time management.”

Bullard Associates

Bullard Associates has been an independent Manufacturers’ Representative Agency serving the Division 8 and 10 construction industry in New England since 1935 and Upstate NY since 2018. They will represent AMBICO in Upstate New York. Bullard Associates offer distributor support, architectural consultation, and building owner education for those responsible for commercial building designs, construction and maintenance. They taske pride in their customer relationships and maintaining a long-standing, loyal relationship with all manufacturers represented.

A few words from Walter:

“Bullard Associates operates on one basic premise which is to provide outstanding customer service. Our customers are not just our distributors but also our architects and end users. The key to any consistent success is follow-up and more follow-up. We understand the value of being specified and driving sales in the design process and knowing the sale is never complete. Collectively, Brian (owner of Bullard Associates) and I have 55 years of experience in our industry and have been able to mesh our talents well. We enjoy the business as much today as when we first started and are excited to represent AMBICO in Upstate NY.”

Welcome to the AMBICO family Dan and Walter. We are thrilled to have you on board!

Learn more about our family at AMBICO | AMBICO | Connect with an AMBICO Rep

AMBICO’s CEU Courses

AMBICO currently offers three AIA-CEU credited courses, all listed and available online. Each course is a self-paced online learning that can be completed at your leisure. Completion of the course grants architects with 1.5 LU/HSW credits accredited by AIA. 

Learn more about our CEU Courses at AMBICO | AIA Certified Online Learning