Acoustic Oversized Doors & Frame

AMBICO oversized steel doors have been designed and manufactured to suit sliding and swinging openings of almost any dimension. Doors have been fabricated in sizes up to thirty feet in height and in weights exceeding five tons per door leaf.

Structural steel door cores are assembled to provide zero tolerance for racking or twisting of any type.

Heavy gauge door faces are plug welded right through the steel plate to guarantee complete adherence to the door core.

Oversized steel doors are provided with door hardware to guarantee an easy-to-operate door system.

Steel doors are usually manufactured to a nominal two inch thickness. Doors of greater thickness can be fabricated to meet particular job requirements

AMBICO has supplied specialized doors and frames to prestigious construction projects throughout the world (Click here to view a picture from the AMBICO Gallery). A partial list of completed installations is shown below:

Reedy Creek Pump Station
Orlando, FL

Hill Air Force Base
Ogden, UT

Exploris Children’s Museum
Raleigh, NC

Intel Corporation
Phoenix, AZ

National Gallery of Canada
Ottawa, ON

Place D’Youville,
Montreal, QC (Acoustic)

Stephenville Hospital
Stephenville, NB (Acoustic)

Dalhousie University
Halifax, NS

What defines an “oversized” steel door?

Of course the term refers to the large size of the product. AMBICO supplies oversized steel doors that exceed the capacity of conventional steel door manufacturers. This means that doors usually exceeds 4’0″ in width and/or 10’0″ in height. Doors may weigh a number of tons!

Where are oversized steel doors used on building projects?

Oversized steel doors can be used in sliding or swinging applications. The technology used may be combined with other AMBICO proprietary products to provide oversize acoustic units, oversize explosion resistant units or oversize bullet resistant doors. The doors are designed to be used numerous times each day and will be preferred whenever extremely large items must gain easy access to interior locations.

What type of hardware is used to allow these doors to function?

AMBICO has available a range of engineered door hardware for both swinging and sliding door applications. When mounted with our door hardware, AMBICO door panels can move with the touch of a finger.

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